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Why do I need coaching?

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When we first start to use the "Four Steps" our mind is in a state of chaos. Mind Syntropy is designed to bring order to our minds. In the world we have been taught to add information into our minds to make our judgement better. So we read, go to seminars, go to school, meditate, do yoga and any other thing that we can to have our decisions be better. We feel that given enough data at some point we will be totally able to do what we want to do in life. All of this data can be helpful but the filing system that we are taught to use is totally chaotic and this results in a hiderance as we add more data.

We have this mish mash of emotions and opinions sprinkled with truth that we are now trying to make sense of. We do not have a consistant way to file all of the data so its usefulness can be ascertained at the right time in the right place. Even if we are studying in a university the infomation in a single class can be contradictory.

Mind Syntropy is a simple yes or no filing system. After working with a coach for a while we are able to use the filing system with confidence and accuracy. The ideas that come to us when using Mind Syntropy will seem totally unbelievable to us and probably will be totally contrary to what our usual group of people believe (especially family). The reason for this is that we unconsciously tend to gravitate toward people who have similar belief systems as ours. When we begin to alter our belief system the people around us will feel threatened because something that they believe to be true is now not true for us. Trying to get them to see it will usually result in strong resistance from them.

Having a coach to bounce your ideas off of will give you the confidence to hold the truth in your mind long enough for you to get results which will then begin to reinforce itself. It takes a period of time using the filing system to become proficient and confident of your findings. The secondary benefit is the miracles that will begin to happen as a consequense of your coaching. The primary benefits will be your ability to discern the truth from the false, overall happiness, and your effectiveness.

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Could I have gotten this far without a coach?

At first, you may think you can do this on your own. I can tell you, without any hesitation, I could never have gotten to where I am without being coached. Things pop up! Just when you think you are doing pretty good, chaos rattles your world. That is when you pick the phone up and have your coach guide you thru the turmoil. It IS exactly like a filing system. It takes time to get that system in order. I know, I have been through it. My stress and my fears are almost completely gone. Some chaos will always arise, but the coaches at 18mind have taught me how to handle (file) chaos and work through it. I have been taught how to manage my life and to look inside myself, bringing me to a much better place. It truly is a wonderful place to be.


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