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To Choose or Not to Choose - Choice vs. Choicelessness

There are only 2 ways to look at choice and choosing, either you are the chooser or you are not!
If you are the chooser, it has to be that you are ALWAYS choosing what you think is best at every given instant. That is, what ever you are choosing to do, at the time of the choice, it has to be the best thing you can choose...or else you would choose something else. Later, after the fact, it may be obvious this was not a great choice, that something else would have been better. However, at the time the choice is made, it was the best choice! Again, if you did not think so you would have chosen something else!
On the other hand, it maybe you are not the chooser; that choices are made by your Higher Self, Spirit Guide, Soul, Divine Nature, but not by your "rational mind" or ego.
So, either you are always making the best choice you can, at all times, OR you are not choosing at all!! Either way, you may as well relax and know that all is well, at all times, for the choices made are always the best ones for you. This leads to the awareness that you can never blame yourself for what happens from these choices! But neither can you take credit!!! In addition you can neither blame nor credit anyone else for their choices.

So relax, all is well. You, and every one else, are doing your best at all times.
Personally, I choose to 'not choose!' I am pro-choicelessness!

I am pro-choicelessness

That's good stuff. Thank you for the chuckle.
It does make sense though. The way I see it is that when we make "choices" it is usually the ego making them. When ego makes choices it is usually coming from a place of need or want. So choicelessness would be the way to go as long as it wasn’t mistaken for apathy. As you stated "Either way, you may as well relax and know that all is well"
Labeling things has been my "problem" At least I am starting to do it consciously, which makes it hard for the labels to stick. But the more I learn about the ego the more I feel the need to label it as "wrong" But really it just is. It is the illusion in which I use to experience myself. The trick for me is to remember that it is an illusion and not reality.
I have spent a good part of my life being apathetic so I try to be as present as I can. This may get in the way of enabling my "higher self" to make the choices, but really who am I to think that I can get in the way of my own higher self. : )

Who Am I is the question!

Thanks for your comments, I agree with all you say about the ego, and being wary of apathy. Still, I find that if I am apathetic, it was "chosen" by the Higher Self, so again, I relax, and when I relax, I get up and do stuff!! Weird, "I" can't help what "I" do! But Who is doing the doing? And Who Am I???
Namaste, Gus


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