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Manifestation Vs Visualization

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Manifestation vs Visualization

Quotes from Quantum Cookbook:

  1. Visualization is about creating images of reality in your mind. Manifesting is about creating reality, not an image of it. 
  1. Visualizing involves seeing yourself in a future event, while manifesting is about working in the present to build a better future.
  1. Visualizing involves going inside yourself to see things in your mind. Manifesting is about syncing yourself up with the energy of the universe.
  1. Visualizations only last as long as you visualize them, while manifesting allows you to create your own reality by giving life to your very thoughts.

End Quote.

When we let go of how we think it should go and we begin to see how it is going we are able to place our creative thoughts "right were they will have the most impact". Keeping the manifestation "close to home" increases the likelihood and shows you the relationship between the thought and the thing. People forget more than they remember so we can't remember where or when we put this thing or event into existence.

Begin to see your current environment as prosperous and see how it is all falling into place. This is a self fulfilling prophecy, the more you see it the more you see it.

One of the ways to be able to see it, and not have the normal upsets, that works for me is to take away future time goals for a while.
I am building the company.
I am loosing 20 lbs.
I am becoming a multi-millionaire.
I am finding my life mate.

It is impossible for these to be false. The stinker in our head who says that you can't do that or whatever has nothing to stick to. There are also people out there who are secretly or not so secretly hoping for you to fail to justify their not trying it.

You can (and will) fail at this:
I am manifesting a million dollars by next Tuesday.

Now, it is possible that you will manifest the money by next Tuesday, but you may have to say it 500 times and have it not happen. It is very likely that the ego will beat you at this game because it will have 500 times of proof to use against you.

You cannot fail at this: ( If you do you will be dead when you find out )
I am creating a million dollar a month income for myself.

You will have successes in the direction of this all of the time. Every little thing becomes worthy of proof that you are doing the thing. You begin to mount evidence that you are actually doing the thing that you said that you will do. Multiple times a day you will be able to spot things that are consistent with your being it.
The ego will actually get on board with you on this. Your family and friends cannot say that you are not doing it and they will become in harmony with it. Ask yourself this question. If I told everyone that I was manifesting a million dollars next Tuesday and did not accomplish it 500 times, how do I think the average person would see me after that? Loser, dreamer, crazy, stupid, failure, lair, not worth his word?

Here are some that I used that took massive attempts to come into play:
I am buying a four-plex.
( I went through at least 20 girlfriends who did not see this happen. Mom and her friends made fun of me. Not only did I buy one but it was on the beach and I had no cash when I wrote the contract. )
I am buying a Jaguar. ( Done. I had three. Bought each with cash )
I am buying a Motor Home with one months pay. ( Done. Bought it cash )
I am buying a motorcycle. ( Done. showed up at the end of my street )
I am becoming a computer programmer.
( Done. Doing it for 10 years now. My step daughters told my wife I was a scam artist out to get her. )
I am the owner of a self help company ( Done )
I am going to make 50k a year (Done. I was making $1.95 an hour. Minimum wage was $4.25)
I am doubling my income every year (Done. 7 times)

Most of the people close to me spent most of their time telling me I could not do it. "They" could not do it. I was doing it.

Since failure is only an illusion it is totally illusion to say that you are failing all of the time.

I heard Bob Proctor say that about 90% of the time people who put big goals out there did not match the time frame. If they said next week it would be two weeks for example. An interesting thing is that a good percentage would hit it within 10% of the time allotted. 10 year goal within 11 years for example.

Be alert for the "hidden" time frame or the "if it doesn't happen by x" type thinking. This can lead to a form of devastation when the time frame is not hit.

Goals as a gauge.

After you have set up some of these time independent goals it would be nice to have one or two that do have time associated with them. Sometimes it may seem like a necessity to have them. This or that will be gone if I do not make the time frame.

Begin with time sensitive goal setting by facing the non-completion of the goal. If you need it by next Thursday what would be the worst case scenario if it did not happen? Don't pull the punches here. Really get straight with the worst thing that could happen. Now that you have the image this is the image that your ego will use against you to make you suffer the whole week. Imagine in your mind that this (worse case scenerio) actually happened and create a scenerio after it that is not distasteful for you. Lets say you are loosing your house if you cannot make the next payment. Most people would relate to this as some sort of tragedy, they will visualize living in a cardboard box somewhere. At this point do you know if you are going to win the lottery and move into a mansion in the next year and that it was all because you lost the house that made it happen? No you don't. You don't know this any more than you know that you will live in a cardboard box. Which do you think will have you be more  empowered.

Hmm lets see..... Cardboard box < > Mansion.

Now that we have seen that it is just as likely to me a major win as a major loss we can go to  work on the goal unhindered by what it would look like if we did not achieve it.

Next start setting short term goals that are out of your current reach. We are setting them out of our current reach because it is possible we do not actually know what we are capable of. So we think we can do 10 and we say 20. Here is the paradigm shift and it takes some getting used to... all that we do is find out the percentage of the 20 that we could accomplish. Making it or not making it is not even a consideration. It was designed not to be reachable. So if I get 2 out of 20 then I have a 10% win. This means at this point I can say 20 and get 2. Now reset the goal. If it is 4 this week then  I am at 20%. This is not "I only got 4" any more it is "I can say 20 and get 4". Using this method we can work on the 20 without making ourselves bad, wrong, or incapable. We are dealing with what we are "actually" capable of.

Here is the cool thing that I have found. ( It is best not to tell others this at first ) When you find out that you actually accomplish 30% of stuff that you say you can, try this: Go for 100 and really mean it. I have found that it ends up in 30 regularly (if not more). If you notice, we used to be going for 20 and now we just did 30 but still kept our 30% ratio.

Goals are to find out what percentage of what you shoot for actually gets manifested by you.

If you are manifesting 10, 20, or 30% of what you say that you will manifest, you will now be able to work with your manifestation number. What this number is does not matter. It is a relative indicator of your power in your environment and it is 100% accurate. Watch it move around and you will see it increasing or decreasing.

What to do with your manifestation number? If you can stand to keep track of yourself, or are compulsive in doing so, you can find out what people, places and things have an effect on your number. These people, places, and things' effect on you can be released by doing four steps on the opinions that you are holding in mind in these areas. Once you have neutralized the meme completely you will find that those things no longer have power over you. You will find that your number will grow and soon you will be able to think a thing and have it come into existence with a fair amount of accuracy. You will also become aware of the thing being accomplished without any "doing" on your part. At this point you have accessed your "other self" as Napoleon Hill was known to have said.

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