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How can neutralizing your thoughts cause miracles?

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There is a part of us that knows everything. There is also a part of us that wants to know everything. The part that wants to know everything is the part that the unenlightened identify themselves with.


The second we think we "know that" we are now limited by the conceptualization of the real "that". Once we are operating on the level of conceptualizations we are not interacting with reality any more. We are interacting with an image that we have of "that" in our minds. The image is a frozen image (graven image) and does not morph over time like the real thing. The image may have been a pretty accurate representation of the thing when we made it but just like a photograph the objects move after the photograph is taken.

So we are constantly working with "old" or "inaccurate" data about what the world is or how it works. A miracle to us would be something that works outside of how we know the world works. Just no way to explain it in terms of what we already know.

When we change (using 4 steps) the static images or rules about how things work we may feel happier in the minute but we do not realize that we have altered how the world "out there" will occur to us. We do not have proof yet of this new world and as we move along things now operate in a new way. This new way has new rules that are not limited by the old rules and they occur as miraculous to us.

As we give up our fixed ideas the world becomes fluid and our ability to operate within it increases. As our ability increases we are now able to be, do, and have things easily that would have been impossible for us in the old paradigm. This again will appear miraculous to us. 

With continued practice we will begin to see how the whole universe is conspiring to give us what we truly desire in our soul. We will think a thing and it will present itself on TV or somewhere else where logic, physics, and reason could never explain its presence. This is when we have opened to the truly miraculous.

The world is constantly operating in a miraculous way that is blinded by our rigid religious beliefs, scientific knowledge, and our ego driven goals and desires.

As we let go of our beliefs about how the world works it begins to work in a whole new way that is completely outside of anything that the image maker can comprehend.

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