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Lesson Ten Right Giving, The Key To Abundant Receiving

1. In what ways is the religion of Jesus applicable to the problems of daily living?

2. State briefly the law of giving and receiving that Jesus taught.

3. Why has the teaching of Jesus not been more effective in changing conditions in the world and in individual life?

4. Why is economic reform so much needed at the present time?

5. Can any effective reform be based on the material phase of the economic problem? Why?

6. Why do men who direct finance and business fail to seek any advice or assistance from the church?

7. Why is individual reform necessary before national or world changes can be made?

8. What do metaphysical teaching and study contribute toward world betterment?

9. How does the desire for the accumulation of money and goods affect the finer nature and sensibilities of people?

10. Does avarice or greed have any effect on the health of men?

11. What is the chief cause of stagnation in money circulation and its attendant evils?

12. What rule did Jesus give us for freeing ourselves from financial lack?

13. Is the method practiced by the early Christians practicable in the world as it is today?

14. What substitute is now being advocated for the commercial standard of payments for goods and service?

15. What is the divine law of equilibrium? Why does it not seem to operate in financial matters?

16. Is there any direct connection between poverty and ill-health? How may this problem be approached? Is there a problem at the other extreme--great wealth? How may it be solved?

17. What is meant by the "race consciousness"? Can we escape its effects? How can we help to change it for the better?

18. What should we do about saving money for the future?

19. What attitude should we take toward charity?


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