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Principle of "HONEST"

truthful, integrous, fair, not false, not deceptive, sincere, virtuous


* people will know how I think
* people will think I am weak
* I will show how I really am
* I won't be able to go back on what I say
* I maybe ridiculed
* I may get 'screwed' by others

What it looks like when I am not doing (costs):

* afraid
* shady
* unfair
* deceptive
* caniving
* manipulative
* abusive
* unhelpful

What it looks like when I am doing it (rewards):

* feedback from others
* fair
* not manipulative
* sincere

* calm
* helpful
* help from others

What are the benefits:

* peace
* less anxiety
* better relationships
* more in tune with reality

What is the truth:

* being honest is much better way to live

What is the illusion:

* I got away with things
* I ran my life well


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