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Principle Of "COURAGE"

mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty


* pain
* too much work
* I will fail
* I am weak
* I am a coward
* I will lose something (respect, property, health, money)

What does it look like when I am doing it? (rewards)

* I can do this
* lots of growth
* others will respect
* helpfulness

What does it look like when I am not doing it? (costs)

* little growth
* paralyzed with/by fear
* self pity

What are the benefits?

* confidence
* growth
* focus, concentration of mind
* perseverance

What is the truth?

* courage is beneficial for my growth

What is the illusion?

* I can stay the way I am


I believe everyone has courage deep inside them. Fear and stress tend to smother it. To say it simply, I feel like the lion in "Wizard of Oz". He gained his courage as well as his confidence, and no longer feared everything. He did not go back to the way he was because he realized how beautiful life is without fear and stress. I truly believe my new found courage will guide me to the place I want to be.....the place that brings me joy and comfort.


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