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Question Helps For Students of Both Riches and Honor Compiled by Mary Deering

Chapter I

Prosperity through Spirituality

1. Since prosperity is to be established through spirituality, what power is to

bring it into manifestation?

2. Can health of circumstances be demonstrated as easily as health of body?

3. Why have we thought of worldly riches as impossible of attainment by the one

who is spiritually minded?

4. What is our “Promised Land ?“

5. What is the first step in attaining prosperity?

6. What kinds of “wealth” do we unite?

7. What is man’s privilege with regard to divine gifts?

8. State the promise given in Exodus 20:2 and its interpretation.

9.What is true prosperity and with what is it identified with?

10. How does this universal prosperity yield to man?

11. How is it manifest? 12. Name five ways in which spirituality prospers one.

13. Is “good luck” a thing of chance?

14. What law must be acknowledged?

15. ‘What is our real I AM?

16. How is this the basis of true brotherhood?


17. How are we led in our expression of prosperity?

18. What is the inner guide, and by what other names is it frequently known?

Give an illustration of your own.

19. How can we distinguish between the voice of Spirit and that of mortal mind?

20. What must we seek first, and why?

21. Give the First Exercise.

22. What did Paul mean when he said, “Pray without ceasing”?

Chapter II

The Magic of Meekness

1. Can thoughts work directly upon outer affairs?

2. What do scientists say of thought?

3. What is the medium of expression? 4. How must we use our words?

5. What is the first great axiom of the true science of God?

6. Name the "boon companions" that always attract each other and explain the

reason back of the attraction?

7. What should we meditate upon, what remember, and what forget?

8. Why is grieving an error?

9. Give your own illustration of the power of right speech.

10. Give the three great denials.

11. What is true meekness?

12. Name the faults of the "earthly selfhood" that block our prosperity.

13. What principle in nature corresponds to true meekness?

14. How is the full meekness of the Christ established?

15. What shall be our one real desire?

16. Give the Second Exercise.


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