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Chapter 3 – The Time for Wealth is Now

Tools of the wealthy

There are 3 basic Keys to attaining anything you desire.

· Thoughts

· Emotions/Feelings

· Actions

The right use and combination of these three keys will take you wherever you want to go, and you have each of them at your disposal right now. You were born with the keys to do, be, go, and have whatever you desire in your life. Just think “T.E.A time” to help you remember.

Thoughts are like electricity, and emotions are like magnetic force they work together both simultaneously, if you choose to think happy thoughts then it is easier to feel happy, and if feel happy it is only natural you will think happy thoughts. When you feel happy and joyous you take inspired action to achieve your goals.

· Thoughts, you have the ability to control them.

· Emotions, you have the ability to control them.

· Actions, you have the ability to control them.

Once YOU are in control of you thoughts, feeling and actions, you are wealthy. Do you see how you are wealthy right now? It’s a choice! And it’s completely up to you to what degree of wealth you want to experience.

Start Programming Yourself to Become Wealthier Every Moment

Start using simple shapes and colors to help remind you of a few things. From now on every time you see a circle, think I am infected with wealth, joy, love, abundance and gratitude.

Circle = “I am wealthy and abundant”

A circle is a great example of abundance, of complete and total infection of abundance. A circle is a great symbol of Power, wholeness, strength, harmony. You see circles everywhere. Did you ever notice that if you try not to see a circle, then you begin to see them everywhere,? The harder you try not to see a circle the more you will find, and now every time you see a circle you will be reminded it is a great and wonderful symbol and will remind you of abundance. It will remind you to say to yourself "I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy".

The circle will remind you to think abundant thoughts. You will constantly be reminded of abundance – this book, this experience – and you will begin to accept and expect the effortless experience of true wealth and abundance as part of your life. It is for the highest and greatest good of all. There is no other way. You are in the circle of true wealth.

Remember: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”

Commit this affirmation to memory and repeat it often throughout the day.

Every time you see a triangle focus on the three keys: Thought, Emotion, Action. Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions are the keys to great wealth and, if used properly, are like the great pyramids – they will be strong and stand the test of time.

Triangle = T.E.A (Thoughts, Emotions and Actions)

When you see a square or rectangle, think of focused thoughts, feelings and actions. A square is a simple example of building – creating four lines put together form a square. Think wealth. Wealth is building, creating, choosing, always. When you see the square, think ownership, responsibility for your life and your creations.

Square/Rectangle = Ownership, Responsibility, Creation!

Have fun with this exercise; invent your own way to associate shapes to positive results.

Use Colors to Program your Mind for Wealth

You can use colors to help remind you of true wealth building thoughts, emotions and actions.

One very good way to remember something is trying to forget it.

Funny how that works.

From this moment on, every time you see these colors remember…they are to remind you of true wealth.

· Green: think abundance, always having enough. Green is everywhere, green is calming and relaxing, abundance is green.

· Blue: equals responsibility; every time you see blue you will remember to take responsibility for your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

· Light Blue: the color of the sunny sky, blue sky’s. Think forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive others, forgive yourself for anything and everything, from this point on light blue means forgiveness.

· Orange: will remind you of health. To think healthy thoughts, to feel healthy, to make all your actions healthy.

· Yellow: a great color for energy. You are full of energy. Every time you see yellow you will be reminded to be energized, to think, feel, and be energized.

· Red: reminds us of strength, passion, fullness, desire, power, attraction – be strongly passionate about being wealthy.

· Pink: is Love. Love yourself, learn to love everything around you. You are full of love because you are wealthy and abundance is everywhere. Don't over complicate it. Love is not something you own; it just is! You can't set conditions to be loving, you must be unconditional love. Love is like the suns warm rays that all the flowers, plants and trees reach for, the birds sing for, Love is what makes you and forces you to grow. Just accept love, receive love, give love. If you find it hard to love in any moment, remember light blue: forgiveness! Forgive yourself for finding it hard to love; now choose your thoughts, feelings and actions to be that of love. Be grateful! Love and gratitude go hand in hand and by being grateful you will experience more joy and love in your life.

Purple: is healing in everything. Healing your body, mind and spirit. Purple is wisdom. Every time you see purple remind yourself to think, feel and act wisely and by being wise and thinking purple you will remind yourself to heal.

Colors to Remember


Green = Abundance

Blue = Responablity

Light Blue = Forgivness

Orange = Healthy

Yellow = Energy

Red = Strength

Pink = Love/Gratitude

Purple = Healing

The Power of a Stop Sign

Every time you see a stop sign. Stop, check and see what you were thinking about. Was it lofty wealthy thoughts? If not, start thinking loftier, happy, prosperous thoughts. Stop signs and stop lights are red. Red reminds us to be Strong and Passionate about being wealthy. Every time you see a door knob, it's a circle. Remind yourself you are stepping though the door to abundance.. a cup or glass is a circle. Think abundance, gratitude. Abundance and gratitude go hand in hand. It's like white on rice; they go together, like cause and effect, or thought and emotion, electricity and magnetism. They coexist and complement together as one.

Visualization – or as we used to call it when we were kids "pre-tending".

(By the way, it may just be one of the best kept secrets of all time, but all truly wealthy people pre-tend. To put into practice the art of pre-experiencing our desires – pre-tending to the field of creation – is part of being wealthy now, in this moment!)

Visualization is the key to directing your thoughts and feelings on a conscious level and is a perfect form of un-impeded action.

When you visualize what you desire, don't hold back, spare no expense. Your imagination is infinitely wealthy. The only limits to your imagination are the ones you impose. Visualize every detail. The colors, the texture, the sounds, the smells. Imagine with all your senses; imagine how good it makes you feel.

When you think of anything you want, why do you want it? You want it... ultimately because of the way it makes you feel. You are basically trading your Thoughts, Feelings and Actions for an experience of a feeling, and you first imagined how it would make you feel, right? You imagined what you could do, how it would make you feel and think, which caused a feeling of relief, of being content.

You can have, right now, everything you desire. You can think anything you want; feel any way you want to feel, this very moment, if you just imagine. When you think and feel what its like to have what you desire, and you hold those thoughts and those feelings, you are taking action to magnetize yourself to bring about the circumstances that will allow you to experience the things you desire in reality.

It's called the Law of Attraction and it works whether you believe in it or not. It is working for you right now. You wanted more out of life, you wanted a change to your current situation and you in fact held the necessary thoughts and feelings in your imagination and you took action, by allowing this book into your life. It is perfectly on time. You are ready to move forward, to be part of something amazing. Think of it… A pandemic of wealth! You are in the circle of true wealth.

Putting Visualization into Practice, and Increasing Your Visualizing Skills.

You must make the time to be by yourself, at least 20 minutes a day to visualize the life you want to live. Visualizing is different for everyone, but basically you are imagining how you would feel and think by having your desire. By doing this simple exercise of visualizing with unbridled passion, and unlimited imagination, you are magnetizing yourself for the experience you desire. IT IS LAW; it is a universal law, above mans laws, it cannot be denied.

Your reality right now is a direct result of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Wealthy people don't think about not having enough money, time, food, lack of any kind. They think about what they can have, be and do. Period.

Is it all starting to make sense – how truly wealthy you are right now? You see if you really knew what it is that you truly desire, and see it as something that is not separate from your experience – that the only thing keeping you from the experience you desire is you – the choice is totally yours. It’s up to you to begin the journey of getting out of your own way.

Meditation is Essential

There is one practice that the truly wealthy do very often and that is meditation. Meditation helps you to get back to your center, to clear your inner world of clutter. By taking the time to meditate you are telling the world that you are in control of your life. Meditation is not very hard; basically you just need to find a nice quiet space to relax and let go so you can tap into your source, your true self.

I have created many resources to help you to meditate at . When you become a member, you’ll learn secrets to help you meditate like a Zen Monk in a very short amount of time.


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