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Chapter 4 – The Art of Allowing

Start practicing the art of allowing everyday

Once you are aware of your beliefs and aware of the conflicting beliefs that are keeping you from your desire, you will be able to identify exactly what is keeping you from allowing your desires into your life

“I must work hard to get ahead.” Is that an allowing belief? Is it an undisputable fact? I don’t know any wealthy people that worked extra hard and long hours digging a ditch that became wealthy by working harder.

Whatever we think about gets empowered. What you focus on is what you experience.

To allow we must be in a receptive place; open, relaxed and unattached. This is what allows what we desire. Detach yourself from the outcome. No matter what happens it was meant to happen. Each moment in our life carries a lesson of how to be more allowing.

By detaching yourself from the outcome you practicing the art of allowing, and make no mistake the art of allowing is an art form, and must be practiced diligently to become an expert.

The Art of Gratitude

Learning to be grateful for everything you have right now, and I mean everything, is the secret key to turning you into a super magnet to your desires. Learn to be grateful for all the good things and all the bad things.

By just being grateful for the simple things in your life – like the air you breathe and the water you drink – changes your entire vibration and the environment around you. Be grateful for the bad things in your life. They are trying to teach you a lesson on what you need to change to help you feel good, to feel joyous in each moment. Just try it! Be grateful for your misfortune and you will see just how fast it will change to a more positive experience. Meditate on gratitude everyday. It is a very powerful way to experience the art of allowing.

A Few Words of Caution –

Of course we are not talking about quitting your job and just sitting on your ass waiting for financial prosperity to knock on your door. Would you be sitting on your ass doing nothing if you were wealthy? No! You would be dreaming of new things to do. Lack is what causes laziness. When you have the means to do anything you want, at any time at your disposal, it's amazing what you will be doing. You must start to think, feel, and act like a truly wealthy person.

The Art of Allowing has nothing to do with being lazy. By practicing the art of allowing you are taking inspired action.

You must also avoid becoming attached and hoarding the things that show up in your life. If you are holding onto something, your hands are full and you are not open to receiving more. By letting go of your need to be, do, and have anything, you are opening yourself up to allowing abundance in your life. Detachment from your outcome shows confidence that you are in fact worthy of anything you desire.

The Art of Allowing is simply a state of being – a frequency of gratitude that you project into the world that says I am ready, I am abundant, all of my needs are always and effortlessly met.

You are, right now, becoming a magnetic positive being and allowing your natural state of abundance become your chosen reality. Even just reading this book is altering you right now in more positive ways than you may be currently aware of!

Just allow it to happen it is for your greatest good and the greatest good for all of us.


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