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This is a Free E-book

While I retain the copyright to this e-book (all rights reserved), this is my gift to you. Furthermore, I authorize you to distribute as many copies as you wish to whomever you wish. In fact, I’d love it if you’d make lots and lots of copies.

I have only two conditions:

1. You make no changes to the written material (not that you can, but I just want to be clear).

2. You do not charge anyone for the book. It is given to you freely, so you should freely give it to others.

If anyone has given this book to you, I encourage you to also visit the Power Affirmations Blog at There you can review past articles that I have written about power affirmations, positive thinking, success, etc. Some of the recent articles include:

• Increasing Your Wealth by Increasing Your Financial Literacy

• A New Power Affirmation Inspired by “The Science of Getting Rich”

• The Morphing of Thought Into Cash

• Alkalize Your Way to Health

• A Simple Way to Choose to be Rich

I’m adding new articles to the website every week, so you will want to check back regularly. In fact, you can join my mailing list and I will notify you periodically as I post new articles. You can sign up for the newsletter at

Read, enjoy, and above all apply this material to your life. Commit yourself to constant and never-ending improvement. I look forward to hearing about your great successes very soon!

Best Regards,

Bill Marshall email: © 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved.

Power Affirmations: Power Conditioning for Your Subconscious Mind


Here is what you can do to spread the word about Power Affirmations:

1. Email this file to a friend (you should ask them first!).

2. Send them a link to where they can download their own free copy.

3. Print out as many copies as you like.

4. Make your own recordings or buy the MP3’s I’ve made at Using recordings of some sort is the most powerful way to use Power Affirmations.

5. What positive topic can you write about and create a website and e-book? Your only limit is your own imagination!

Together we can fill the world with positive thought.

I got the idea of including this little box from Seth Godin’s book “Unleashing the Ideavirus,” so I’m passing it on to you. Not only can you “steal this idea” in the form of passing this e-book to your friends, but you can also put together your own e-book and website and do the same thing. This is all about helping people and spreading positive thoughts and ideas. You’ll see this same box at other places in this e-book to remind you to share this information with others and to encourage you to share your own positive ideas. Let’s help each other for the sake of all humankind. We need your positive ideas too!

By the way, you can get your own free copy of Seth Godin’s book “Unleashing the Ideavirus” in PDF format at Of course, I think Seth is right on the money in his book. And his other books on marketing also appear to be excellent (I’m in the process of studying them all). If you have a product to market, you owe it to yourself (and your business) to learn the new rules of marketing in this age of the internet. I believe Seth’s books can help you. © 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved.

Power Affirmations: Power Conditioning for Your Subconscious Mind

My Mission for this E-Book and the Power Affirmations Website

My mission for this material is two fold:

1. To help you improve your life and achieve your goals. To provide you with mostly free tools using Power Affirmations that you can begin using immediately to improve your life and help you achieve your goals. I especially want to help you achieve goals that can be measured like a specific increase in your wealth. Where material is offered for sale, I have purposely made the cost as low as possible.

2. To join with like minded people make a positive difference all around the world by sharing the Power Affirmations information via the internet. To positively influence a minimum of 1 million people by March 31, 2008.

This e-book and my website is my way of giving back a portion of what has been given to me. My focus in this website is how I can help others, not “what’s in it for me.” I believe that as I unselfishly help others, that amazing opportunities will open up for me from unexpected people and places.

Here is one of my core beliefs:

You Cannot Out Give Good People

What does this mean? It means that if you help enough good people get what they want, eventually you will get what you want. This is the law of reciprocity that is at work in the universe. It is a universal law.

If you give to a lot of people, is there a risk that you will encounter people who take advantage of you? Yes. So you have to be wise in your giving. In this case, because I’m giving away information via the internet, the cost is low which also means the risk is low. And what I’m giving is valuable. And I’m able to reach a lot of people.

This is also low risk because this material by its very nature attracts good people who are working hard to improve their lives and to help others. These are people who already believe in the law of reciprocity. So I know that even if I receive no immediate benefit, that benefits will come. © 2005 William H. Marshall. All Rights Reserved.

Power Affirmations: Power Conditioning for Your Subconscious Mind

Some of the benefits will be new relationships. Some will be spiritual. Some will be financial. Some benefits are received immediately. Some won’t show up until the distant future. It doesn’t matter. I see evidence of the benefits I am receiving from my efforts everyday.

You Cannot Out Give Good People. It’s Just Not Possible…


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