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THE TRUTH: 18MIND's 'MIND SYNTROPY's' philosophy

  • What is True feels good; what is not true hurts. 
  • If it is painful, it is not Truth..
  • Thoughts are associated with feelings.
  • Thoughts can be changed.
  • Thoughts that hurt can be changed 


  • Staying out of pain as much as possible leads to an life of calmness, joy, Love, and towards the union with Divinity.
  • 4 Steps to Freedom (flipping technique) will "flip" the mind out of thoughts that hurt/painful (non-truth); Truth then becomes apparent
  • 'Surrendering', & 'letting go' can change thoughts that hurt, but usually take effort and/or time
  • "Living with" thoughts that hurt without 'identifying with' them, defuses their energies, but does not change them...yet this can a helpful technique, as ultimately the unreality of the thought that hurts becomes apparent
  • Positive thinking almost always never changes the thoughts that hurt, and costs alot of energy
  • What is felt (in and by the body) can thereby tell TRUTH!
  • The mind is an unreliable and inconsistant tool for telling Truth!
  • These simple, but powerful, facts form the basis of The Mind Syntropy Program offered by 18mind
  • Syntropy is a Life-organizing principle, that attracts from the future, and leads towards more order (as opposed to Entropy which is pushed from the past, towards more disorder)
  • MIND SYNTROPY is a Quality of Life advancing program, that by neutralizing, and reversing, all falsehoods (non-truths), allows the brain to input accurate data, and produce more consistent, predictable and desirable results in one's world.


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