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The Power of Holding in Mind

Installing into the subconscious mind (subc) as much as you can, as often as you can, will cause the things you install to manifest in your world! This is scientifically guaranteed, and the principle mechanism for auto-suggestion. The subc will perform without judgment all that is programmed into it, regardless of what your conscious mind (cons) thinks or feels about the subject! Hence, the warning "be careful what you wish (or pray) for, for it may come true," not because what you think you wish (or pray) for might come true, but because of what your subc is holding in its memory banks. Because my grandfather, father, and eventually my younger brother became medical doctors (MD), I was destined to be an MD since I was born, or more likely, since conception!! I was asked, not "what do you want to be when you grow up?", but "what kind of doctor are you going to be when you grow up?"!!! So, from the earliest time possible, it was placed into my subc that I should, and would become an MD. And I did, with relative ease, even as I partied through the 1970's Miami Disco scene.
Every one around me, whether I knew them well, or had just met them, expected me to become an MD. My subc knew nothing but to be an MD. However, my true passion, "Personal Legend" and "burning desire" for my life was not exactly to be an MD. I am not sure when it was that I realized maybe I don't want to be an MD, but it was "seeping" into my conscious awareness 4-5 years before I finally resigned my Florida Medical License in Jan 2007, 27 years after obtaining my MD degree and practicing Neurology and Sleep Medicine. By then, enough conflict, turmoil, and problems had arisen that it became obvious I did not enjoy the MD thing. I was relieved when I signed the letter resigning my license. I now am able to help and heal people with a sense of ease, comfort, joy and enthusiasm. Who would have thought, I had to quit being a doctor to help and heal others?!?!? I realize now the power of the subc, the difficulty in trying to oppose it, and the resultant bad habits, wrong behavior, and hurting of myself and others, that comes about from not addressing this conflict, between subc and cons, mind and spirit, body and soul. I do not regret, nor hold a grudge, to what has happened, it took what it took to teach me what I know understand. However, going forwards, I will remember this lesson, and use the wisdom to help myself, others and the world we live in. To that end, I have found the 4 Steps - Flip It technique that we coach at's Mind Syntropy Program to be the most powerful method to recognize, and neutralize any conflict that may lead to distress, unhappiness, and even harm. And it is deceivingly simple, at times to the point that my ego-mind disregards it, or even "poo-poos" it. So, my main function is to remain vigilant to any discomfort, distress, or unease that arises, and to perform the 4 Steps immediately, regardless of the issue that arises , and of any excuses that I come up with against doing them. Now my life becomes effortless, most of what manifests is healthy and useful to me, and I am happy almost all the time...All this awaits you, to be happier, more productive, healthier, have more fun, more energy, and if you desire, becoming an MD (one of my clients is a 43 year old who is applying to medical school in 2009!)!!!

Doing what is in your heart

How many of us are actually doing what gives us true happiness? I bet there are lots and lots that are not. A while ago, I stepped back and "evaluated" where I was in life and did not like the results. So, for the past few months, I have re-directed myself towards what is truly in my heart. And I am glad to report....I am loving every moment of it. My "re-direction" would have never happened without the help of 18mind. I send them my heart-felt gratitude for all they have done for me.


Before I signed up for the 10 weeks of coaching with 18mind, I was a mess.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job hiding it most of the time, but stress and fear consumed most every moment of my day.  Negative thoughts and emotions had been driven into my subconsious for so long, that I couldn't see anything clearly. 18mind cleared the muddy water from my mind which allowed me to see the world in a whold new light. And as I sit here now, having completed the Mind Syntropy Program, all I can say is "Thank God for bringing me to them".  They are truly the greatest gift anyone could have given me. And I say that with all my heart. The cost was insignificant compared to the gains I have made in my life. My coach said something the first time we spoke.."MY LIFE IS EFFORTLESS"! He said it and it was gone. But WAS it gone. That quote "MY LIFE IS EFFORTLESS" was filed into my subconsious. It was a good thought..............a GREAT thought! It was something that I wanted. It was a place I wanted to be. So I called 18mind....and here I am, on my way to "Effortlessville". And what a great journey it has been!!!


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