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Chapter 6 The only three activities neccassary


First, there is the Ideal of Something Desired; Second, the Process that Leads to Attaining It; and Third, the Act of Making the Reality Yours.

These are the three basic activities of attaining that which you desire; they are the only ones which have been and can be successfully used in attaining any quality or degree of development within yourself or in obtaining any thing, condition or position in society or the world about you. These three activities are simply stated because they are true, -not because I write them. Basic truths are always simple; and, if not enveloped in a mass of superfluous words or intertwined with a web of entangled thoughts, they are always easily understood. When simply stated and easily understood, it is easy to apply them.

If you permit your ideal to be lost in a jungle of many words and your process to be misdirected by a multitude of varying thoughts and feelings -each pointing in a different direction -why, then, of course, your ideal will not and cannot become a reality. Unless you can clearly and definitely state your ideal, it is not sufficiently concrete to make any process of attaining it successful. Unless you can definitely and simply state what you are to do and how you are to do it, your plan of the process of attaining or obtaining that which you want will be confused and your effort will be partly wasted and probably unsuccessful.

Attaining that which you desire is easy and certain: (1) if you conceive a clear-cut ideal of what you desire; (2) if you turn the ideal to the particular process that always leads to attaining or obtaining that which you wish; and (3) if you know how to make the reality a part of you or your surroundings. That you may know how to make your ideas and desires become realities, I now take up the process in this section:

To Attain You Desires, All Three Must be Used;

How to Form an Ideal that Will Come True;

Firing the Heart-Desire of Your Ideal;

Giving a Body of Etheric Substance to Your Ideal;

Giving Your Ideal the Impulse of Action to Make It Real;

The Process that Makes Ideals Come True;

The Act of Making the Reality Yours; and

Where to Center Your Effort.


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