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When Moody first visited Ireland he was introduced by a friend to an Irish merchant who asked at once:

"Is he an O.O.?"

"Out and Out"--that was what "O.O." stood for.

"Out and Out" for God--that was what this merchant meant. He indeed is

but a wooden man, and a poor stick at that, who is decided in everything

else, but who never knows "where he is at" in all moral relations, being

religiously nowhere.

The early books of the Hebrews have much to say about "The Valley of Decision" and the development of "Out and Out" moral character.

Wofully lacking in a well-balanced will power is the man who stands side

by side with moral evil personified, in hands with it, to serve it

willingly as a tool and servant.

Morally made in God's image, what is more sane, more wholesome, more

fitting, for a man than his rising up promptly, decidedly, to make the

Divine Will his own will in all moral action, to take it as the supreme

guide to go by? It is the glory of the human will to coincide with the

Divine Will. Doing this, a man's Iron Will, instead of being a malignant

selfish power, will be useful in uplifting mankind.

God has spoken, or he has not spoken. If he has spoken, the wise will


We search the world for truth; we cull

The good, the pure, the beautiful, From graven stone and written scroll, From all the flower-fields of the soul:

And, weary seekers of the best,

We come back laden from our quest,

To find that all the sages said

Is in the BOOK our mother read.


O earth that blooms and birds that sing,

O stars that shine when all is dark!

In type and symbol thou dost bring

The Life Divine, and bid us hark,

That we may catch the chant sublime,

And, rising, pass the bounds of time;

So shall we win the goal divine,

Our immortality.

_Carrol Norton_.


Be Good to Yourself

Every Man a King

Exceptional Employee

Getting On

He Can Who Thinks He Can

How to Get What You Want

Joys of Living

Keeping Fit

Love's Way

Making Life a Masterpiece

Miracle of Right Thought

Optimistic Life

Peace, Power, and Plenty

Progressive Business Man

Pushing to the Front

Rising in the World

Secret of Achievement


Selling Things

Training for Efficiency

Victorious Attitude

Woman and the Home

Young Man Entering Business


An Iron Will

Good Manners



Do it to a Finish





Power of Personality


Hints for Young Writers

Success Nuggets

I Had a Friend

Why Grow Old?

Not the Salary but the Opportunity

_Send for Publishers' Special Circular of these Great Books_


The Exceptional Employee

Uplifting to Humanity

"I assure you that the present and future generations must look upon such a work as most uplifting to humanity."

CHARLES FRANCIS, _Charles Francis Press, New York City_.

Fresh Efforts after Reading

"No one will fail to put forth fresh and better directed efforts to work

to the front after reading the book."

_Good Health_.

The Ladder of Success

"The author writes with a purpose in view; that purpose is found on the

topmost rungs of the ladder of success. In order to find the purpose the

reader must ascend this ladder. The rest is easy."

_Chamber of Commerce Bulletin_ (_Portland, Ore_.).

A Wise Investment

"Any one who employs labor where it requires character and intelligence

would make a wise investment by presenting his employees a copy of this

book. It has been some time since I have read a more wholesome,

inspiring, and fascinating volume."

J.J. COLE, in _Christian Standard_.

Brimful of Anecdote and Illustration

"The book is not all theory and principle. It is brimful of the anecdote

and illustration from actual business life which gives vigor and

acceptance to the writer's ideas."

_Christian Advocate_.


Opinions and Reviews of Dr. Marden's The Secret of Achievement


"'The Secret of Achievement' is one of those exasperating books which

you feel you ought to present to your young friends, yet find yourself

unwilling to part with." WILLIAM B. WARREN, _Former President Boston


Art of Putting Things

"I have studied Dr. Marden's books with deep interest. He has the art of

putting things; of planting in the mind convictions that will live. I

know of no works that contain equal inspiration for life."


A Great Service

"I thoroughly feel that you are rendering a great service to young men and women in America and throughout the world."

REV. R.S. McARTHUR, D.D., _New York City_.

The Difference

"'Pushing to the Front' is a great book and 'Rising in the World' is a

magnificent book, but 'The Secret of Achievement' is a superb book."

Success against Odds

"This volume contains a series of stimulating anecdotes and advice

showing how energy, force of well-directed will, application, lofty

purpose, and noble ideals serve to win success even against the greatest

odds. Many a young man will draw inspiration from it which will aid him

in making his life work a success."

_School Journal_.


PRESS REVIEWS OF The Young Man Entering Business

"A readable volume

on a substantial topic, which discusses actual questions. The counsel of

an experienced person." _Pittsburgh Post_.

Abounds in Specific Advice

"We can easily conceive that a young man who gets this book into his

hands may, in after life, date his success from reading it. It is sound,

wholesome, stimulating. The treatment is concrete. It abounds in

specific advice and telling illustration."

_Southern Observer_.

Stimulates and Encourages

"Packed as it is with sensible, practical counsels, this volume can be cordially recommended to stimulate and encourage young men starting out

in business life." _Brooklyn Times_.

A Necessity to Earnest Young Men

"There is such a thing as the science of success. Dr. Marden has made a

study of it. He writes in simple, attractive style. He deals with facts.

The book should be in the hands of every earnest young man."

_Christian Advocate_.

Entertaining as Well as Helpful

"So interwoven with personal incident and illustration that it is an

entertaining as well as a helpful book."

_Christian Observer_.


Opinions of The Miracle of Right Thought

Dr. Sheldon Leavitt says:

"I wish to state that I am unusually well pleased with Dr. Marden's 'Miracle of Right Thought.' It is the best work of the author."

Ralph Waldo Trine says:

"This is one of those inspiring, reasonable and valuable books that are

bringing new life and new power to so many thousands all over our

country and all over the world to-day."

"You have formulated a philosophy

which must sooner or later be universally accepted. Your book shows how

the right mental attitude helps one in the realization of every laudable

ambition, and the value of cultivating a bright, self-reliant habit of

thought. I congratulate you on it."

G.H. SANDISON, _Editor, The Christian Herald_.

"It is marked by sanctified common sense;

it is in line with the advance thought of to-day, and yet it is so

simple in statement that unlettered men and untrained youths can master

its best thoughts and translate them into their daily lives."

REV. R.S. MacARTHUR, D.D., _New York City_.

REV. F.E. Clark, President United Society of Christian Endeavor, says:

"I regard 'The Miracle of Right Thought' as one of Dr. Marden's very

best books, and that is saying a great deal. He has struck the modern

note of the power of mind over bodily conditions in a fresh and most

interesting way, while he has not fallen into the mistake of some New

Thought writers of eliminating the personal God from the universe. No one can read this book sympathetically, I believe, without being happier

and better."



A Book For Salesmen

"Deals with the training of salesmen and the necessary attributes to

make them successful. All phases of the subject are considered: clothes,

presence, ability to talk, persuasive powers, tact, helping and getting

the customer to buy." _Bookseller_.

Will be Welcome

"A book that will be gladly welcomed by sales managers and salesmen in

every field." _Philadelphia Public Ledger_.

Helps to Prosperity

"One of the best things that you have written, and ought to be in the

hands of every man who would call himself a salesman. There are many

points therein that will certainly help him to prosperity."

_Samuel Brill_.

A Masterful Work

"A masterful work and is filled from cover to cover with practical

usable information for young men and women. I consider this book one of

the best things you have done, and that is saying a great deal when the

excellence of your previous works is taken into consideration."

_Hudson Maxim_.

A Powerful Factor

"In our opinion, if 'selling' would be given more thought by such world

famous writers as you, it would be a powerful factor in the complete

revolution of business, and eliminate to a great extent the waste of

time, money and human life that is so recklessly thrown away under the

present ignorance of true salesmanship."

_N.A. Corking, Sales Mgr., Ford Motor Company_.


OPINIONS OF Rising in the World

"A storehouse of incentive,

a treasury of precious sayings; a granary of seed-thoughts capable, under proper cultivation, of a fine character harvest."--EDWARD A.


"A stimulating book

which is pitched at a high note and rings true."--EDWIN M. BACON.

"Has all the excellences of style

and matter that gave to 'Pushing to the Front' its signal success. Dr.

Marden's power of pithy statement and pertinent illustration seems

inexhaustible."--W.F. WARREN, _Former President of Boston University_.

Touches the Springs of Life

"Dr. Marden has touched the springs of life and set forth with

marvellous and convincing power the results obtained by those inspired

by high resolves, lofty aspirations, and pure motives. No one can rise

from reading this book without cleaner desires, firmer resolutions, and

sublime ambition."--MYRON T. PRITCHARD, _Master of Everett School,


Its Immortal Possibilities

"Has the same iron in the blood, the same vigorous constitution, the

same sanguine temperament, the same immortal possibilities as 'Pushing

to the Front.'"--THOMAS W. BICKNELL, _Ex-U.S. Commissioner of



Letters to Dr. Marden concerning

Every Man a King

Success vs. Failure

"One of the most inspiring books I have ever read. I should like to

purchase a thousand and distribute them, as I believe the reading of

this book would make the difference between success and failure in many


CHAS. E. SCHMICK, _House of Representatives, Mass_.

Worth One Hundred Dollars

"I would not take one hundred dollars for your book, 'Every Man a King,'

if no other were available."


Unfailing Optimism

"The unfailing note of optimism which rings through all your works is

distinctly sounded here."

W.E. HUNTINGTON, _Pres., Boston University_.

The Keynote of Life

"'Every Man a King' strikes the keynote of life. Any one of its chapters is well worth the cost of the book."

E.J. TEAGARDEN, _Danbury, Conn_.

Simply Priceless

"I have just read it with tremendous interest, and I frankly say that I

regard it as simply priceless. Its value to me is immeasurable, and I

should be glad if I could put it in the hands of every intelligent young

man and woman in this country."

CHAS. STOKES WAYNE, _Chappaqua, N.Y._

Renewed Ambition

"I have read and re-read it with pleasure and renewed ambition. I shall ever keep it near at hand as a frequent reminder and an invaluable


H.H. WILLIAMS, _Brockton, Mass_.


The Victorious Attitude By ORISON SWETT MARDEN

A Soul Doctor

"This book should be read by all discouraged people. It is a tonic--and

a moral bracer of the first order. Most of us need to have our self-confidence stimulated, and Dr. Marden stimulates it. He is a soul

doctor." _Richmond Times Dispatch_.

Buoyant and Breezy

"Full of fresh ideas couched in straightforward language. Buoyant,

breezy and highly stimulating.

_San Francisco Bulletin_.

A Wallet of Truth

"There is a crammed wallet of truth in your book. May it go forth to

inspire men with the fine courage of life."

_Edwin Markham_.

Excellent Advice

"The homely truths and excellent bits of advice contained is Dr.

Marden's book will make instructive reading. It is written in forcible

and easily understandable style."

_Buffalo Commercial_.

Cannot Fail to Help

"Clear, direct and vigorous in expression, and so uplifting and

wholesome in subject matter, that it cannot fail to be of help to many

people who are in need of just such advice."

_Des Moines Register_.

Nothing More Valuable

"One of the very best books that you ever produced. The book is like a

medicine to me. I commended it to our students put it in our library and

it has been in great demand. I know of nothing finer or more valuable

for young people who are struggling for an education." _Rev. O.S. Krisbel, D.D._


Letters to Dr. Marden concerning He Can Who Thinks He Can

Will Do Amazing Good

"I believe 'He Can Who Thinks He Can,' comprising some of your

editorials, which appear akin to divine inspiration in words of cheer,

hope, courage and success, will do amazing good."

JAMES PETER, _Independence, Kas_.

Greatest Things Ever Written

"Your editorials on the subjects of self-confidence and self-help are the greatest things ever written along that line."

H.L. DUNLAP, _Waynesburg, Pa_.

Gripping Power

"Presents the truth in a remarkably clear and forcible manner, with a gripping power back of the writing. It is beautiful and inspiring."

C.W. SMELSER, _Coopertown, Okla_.

Beginning of My Success

"Your editorials have helped me mere than any other reading. The beginning of my success was when I commenced to practise your


BRUCE HARTMAN, _Honolulu, T.H._

Wishes to Reprint It

"I have been very much impressed by the chapter on 'New Thought, New

Life.' I would like to send a copy of it to two thousand of my

customers, giving due credit of course."

John D. MORRIS, _Philadelphia, Pa_.

Full of Light and Joy

"I have studied the subject of New Thought for ten years, but have never

seen anything so comprehensive, so full of light and joy, as your

treatment of it. When I think of the good it will do, and the thousands

it will reach, my heart rejoices."



OPINIONS OF The Joys of Living

In Every Sense Worth While

"A ringing call for a joyful life is just what this old world needs to

hear and to heed. A saner, wiser, more helpful book than this we have

rarely read.... In every sense well worth the while."

_The Examiner_.

Wholesome Reading

"The book makes wholesome reading. One lays it down with a resolve to find more happiness in his life and a determination to live more in the

present." _Springfield Republican_.

One of the Author's Best

"The author has been doing uniformly good work, work that has elicited

warmest commendations from leading men of the country. 'The Joys of

Living' is one of Dr. Marden's best books."

_Chicago Standard_.

More Such Teachers Wanted

"Give us more such teachers and writers, more such heralds of the new

and ever present kingdom of Good, of joy, of Opulence! Just read this

book yourself and you will change your whole mental attitude."

_The Truth-Seeker_.

A Book for the Nerve-worn

"The book is one that our rushing American world needs. If you feel

compassion for any nerve-worn, unhappy man or woman, tell them of this

message. Better still, send the book to some one who needs it."

_Portland Oregonian_.


Press Reviews of Dr. Marden's Be Good to Yourself

"The author is a wonder,--

one of the very best preachers, through the pen, of our time." _Zion's Herald_.

"Just such a discussion of personality

as we all need. The titles of the chapters are appetizing and the advice and lessons taught are good. It will help many a reader to understand

himself better."

_The Advance_.

"The kind counsel of a new book

by Orison Swett Marden, who says there are many people who are good to others but not to themselves This is a fine volume from every point of

view." _The Religious Telescope_.

"Of a thoroughly inspirational character,

these essays are calculated to awaken and sustain the right sort of

ambition and evolve a manly type of character. They are surcharged with

faith, optimism, and common sense."

_The Boston Herald_.

"Dr. Marden's friends,

who are to be found in all quarters of the globe, wait eagerly for such

advice as this, on how to be happy, hearty, and healthy."

_Seattle Post Intelligencer_.



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