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Chapter 5 What movement in matter gives to your body of desire

Ideals are of the substance of spirit and space; they have motion and life. Can they, then, manifest in matter if it be motionless and lifeless? That which lives has motion of itself and within itself; that which has such motion is not dead. All atoms are reservoirs of limitless energy. I use radium for illustration only because you have heard of it and know it. A grain of radium is a very small particle; it is less than one four-hundredth of one little ounce of matter. Yet, during every single second of time, a grain of radium gives off 2,000 impulses of energy.

Is this energy of the spirit? If it is of the spirit, it is enduring. Man's body sustained by the energy of the soul may last a hundred years. How long does atomic energy last? After one four-hundredth part of an ounce of radium has given off 2,000 impulses of energy every second of every hour of every day for 1,700 years, it has used up but part of its energy and has enough left to continue the process at the same rate for 1,700 years more, -and then at a slower rate to continue forever. Spirit energy has power; has atomic energy power. If we knew how to free at one time all the energy of but one ounce of radium, its freed energy could toss all the navies of the world from the mid-Atlantic to the Mississippi Valley. What infinite energy there is in every atom of so-called matter! This energy is not of dead matter; it is the infinite energy of God in every atom!

All so-called matter is alive. It is alive with energy. It is God in manifestation. And, it moves! It moves within itself! An airplane flying 660 miles an hour would make us gasp! The earth whirls around the sun with incredible speed, -66,000 miles an hour! But a freed electron whizzes through space at the rate of 660,000,000 miles an hour! And such an electron can change its position 40,000,000 times while you are saying o-n-e! Every cell of your body is composed of billions of electrons pulsating and throbbing with energy and life! Every material of your body, brain, muscle, heart, and bones -is composed of billions of cells, how many only the Creator knows. And every one of these cells is a gigantic and colossal universe of atoms of titanic force and electrons of infinite energy! Their energy waits for your soul to use it! Whatever part of your body you wish to change, can be changed, -for matter is neither dense, nor solid, nor motionless, nor lifeless.

The same electrons -these same whirling centers of infinite energy -compose every form of matter: wood, and all things made of wood; iron, and all things of iron; brass and gold; materials of all kinds; every thing you can see and touch and all other things! The substance of all things -ideals and realities -is ever the same! All are of God! Ideals can come true: all things can be changed, -for the density of matter is but infinite energy space -the substance of all things; the solidity of matter is but the infinite attractive force of God; and matter has motion and life moving at a tremendous rate responsive to the supreme energies of the soul -mind, love and life.

Can anyone -now knowing that the particles of seemingly motionless matter can move at a rate of 660,000,000 miles an hour and can change position 40,000,000 times in a second -doubt that it is this infinite energy of God in all things that gives to ideals the possibility of manifesting as material actualities?

Matter so throbbing with energy and movement cannot hinder your ideals coming true; but your idea of matter as dense, solid and motionless can hinder them by deadening your desire and lessening your effort. Change your idea of matter to a true ideal of matter. For desires embodied in ideals -in bodies of etheric substance possessing infinite energy --always come true! You cannot prevent them more than you can stop the whizzing of electrons or the whirling of stars.


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