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The 4 Steps - How They Work

Life can become effortless.  This is a guarantee when the 4 Steps "Flipping technique," developed and coached at 18Mind's Mind Syntropy Program, is learned and practiced continuously.  There are many reasons this is so.
It can be asked, what is the benefit of an effortless life? The answer is best obtained by experiencing this type of life directly.  However until this occurs, it suggested that an effortless life is associated with more happiness, peace and tranquility.  In addition, there are practical benefits.  These include the ability to see, hear, and sense the world more accurately since the data received and processed by the brain will be more accurate.  This  produces more predictable and accurate results in one's environment.  Less confusion, frustration, impatience - and more acceptance and tolerance occur.  In addition the results obtained are usually as good, if not better than, the ones expected. Ironically,  these are the results that were going to happen, regardless of all thinking and analyzing .  It then appears that  thinking and analyzing, were unnecessary.  And indeed, this is what we have experienced at 18Mind.
The 4 Steps "flipping technique" neutralizes all negative feelings thereby allowing the brain you to process incoming data without coloring it in with emotions, analysis, or unnecessary thinking.The more this is allowed to happen, the more the accuracy in data input and processing.  The brain, being a very consistant and accurate processing organ, will therefore output very reliable, consistant and predictable results. At 1st things begin to occur that seem unlikely, but beneficial.  Then there is the realization that these results are as good or better than the ones expected by one's analytical, rational, thinking mind.
The 4 Steps also rewire the brain from habitual, but unhealthy, "reactive" patterns.  These patterns are programs from one's social conditioning, genetic programming, and past actions (karma).  The rewiring is consistant with the new science of Neuroplasticity, which states the brain can and does form new connections, and grows new cells, all the time!!   
The 4 Steps technique also helps "unlearn" habits and conditioning, in part by the mechanism of rewiring, that is better described as "unwiring"  of old neuronal connections and associations.
In addition, the 4 Steps also allow joy, happiness and other positive emotions to arise, by neutralizing the negative feelings. Experienced "4 Steppers" note immediate relief of negative feelings, followed by the sense of joy, happiness, and such.  While experiencing positive emotions and moods, positive events and results begin to occur repeatedly. Eventually, with enough practice, everything, all the time, is seen and experienced as positive.
Psychologically, the 4 Steps allow one to experience and be with thoughts that previously were considered bad for oneself.  Being able to "stand in" these mind sets (thought patterns) without panicking, or seeing detrimental results, reassures one that things can, and will be, OK, if not great!  Also, new and more beneficial ways of seeing things will be experienced. This results in confidence and trust that all is well, and one can choose to experience their world in any way one chooses.
To summarize, the 4 Step "flipping technique" developed and coached by 18Mind's Mind Syntropists, produces hugely rewarding changes in one's experience and view of their world.  This is due to the factors explained above, including the neutralization of negative feelings, which allows happiness, joy, and posivie emotions to arise.  Also, the brain recieves and processes more accurate data, producing more consitent and predictable results in one's world.  The brain undergoes unwiring of old, negative programming (unlearning), and rewiring to produce new, more beneficial neural networks (neuroplasticity). This allows one to live one's life without having to analyze, think through, or reason out everything.  Indeed, one will begin to accept that one's life is essentially on "autopilot" and things will run more effeciently, and more beneficial results will be experienced.  
Therefore, one "gets out of one's way", and allows Life to happen, and Life becomes Effortless.   


I have said it over and over again. the Four Step method has totally changed my life!!  18mind is holding live events at Shimmering Pines. They discuss the Four Steps during their presentation, allowing everyone to continually grow and improve their quality of life.  I hope you can attend AND I hope you read my comments because they come from my heart!!

4 Steps

Just 4 short weeks ago, stress consumed me. I could not handle the stress in my life, especially the stress at work. I blamed everyone and everything for making me feel the way I was feeling.  The 4 steps were introduced to me on 18mind. My coach taught me step by step how to "flip" my thoughts to feel instant relief.  To be honest, I never thought it would work. I had too many problems and he made it seem too easy.  But then I tried it....and it worked....again and again and again!  It was amazing. These were my problems, no one elses problems. My coach taught me how to get out of my own way. My job was not causing the stress in my life....... I was!!  It is amazing how I feel now. "Flipping" has become an automatic response I have to EVERYTHING in my life. I am in my 50's now and can honestly say I have NEVER felt this good....ever!


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