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Where is God?

I suppose the 1st concept of God was "given" to me by my family and the Catholic religion of my childhood. This was mostly "the Old White Guy, with the long, grey beard." It had lots of anthropomorphic features, good and bad! Then as I reached college, alcohol, marijuana, disco, and science, I had an epiphany, that there is a huge, infinite universe, up there. This occurred around the age of 18-19 when I was visiting the local planetarium to view the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies, on a weekly basis. The Universe became full of wonder, awe, and mystery. And so did God.

But I also placed God further away, and marginalized Him in my life. Science, and Medicine took over as my worldview! Still, I believed there was a God, a Creator, Father, but not much involved down here. He was far, far up there, in a distant place, and distant time (both past and future, but strangely enough, not here & now). This worked as I dedicated my life and attention to the practice of Medicine, and healing. But then, I don't recall exactly how and when, but around the time I was 35 years old, I had another epiphany. I wondered how far down, that is, how small, "space - material reality" went?! I think this occurred as the string theory of quantum physics, as an explanation for the unifying theory of everything (at least of the material world) was being introduced to the lay public. I wondered how small "space" could get. I did this with the thought experiment dividing a stick in half, then in half again, and again, and so on. I was taught early on, in math class, that this could keep going, but there was never a lowest limit, or end to this. But then I realized this could keep going on and on, infinitely, so eventually this would lead "out of this universe" into that place before space, similar to that time before the Big Bang?! This is where God must be! Now I had God "way, way up there", and "way, way down there." And this worked well, God all around, but oddly enough not here?! Over the last few years, it came to me, how strange it is that God is everywhere but here, in me and my immediate vicinity?! So, at great risk, and with fear, but with humility, and courage, I went "inside" of me...and found that God is "in here." This was suggested by others, but mostly this came from somewhere, someone, in me, but not the usual me that I thought ran my life. So now there is God Transcendent, God Immanent, and God as All of Creation, and God beyond All of Creation! That is God is inside of me, outside of me, up there, down there, and hence every where, outside of everywhere, and places that I can't even imagine!! (this is similar to the Christian Trinity, God transcendent = Father, God Immanent/incarnate = Jesus Christ, God 'everywhere" = Holy Spirit). So now I don't wonder where, or when God is. I don't look for Him, or call on Him.... God is everywhere, because God is in my mind.


  • I have thought and wrestled with this for some time also. I no longer search for God anymore. Though I have Christianity engrained in my persona, I feel like I've grown into an understanding of Christianity that, probably would offend many, but seems the only possibility for me.
  • I prefer to think of me being a part of God as opposed to vice versa. I am His creation and, in fact, a part of His awareness/consciousness. As difficult as it was, I have to un-humanize God in a sense. I do believe were are created in His image but on a spiritual/consciousness level (if I may use those interchangeably) I think God is everything, everywhere, and I am part of it.  Every now and then, and more and more frequently lately, this thing that we call thought, or revelation rather, is God's way of sharing His conciousness with us, relating to us.
  • Also, the world around us, on a macro and micro level, is simply a manifestion of this relationship we have with God, this interplay of thought and revelation and action. Who knows, I've imagined Quantum physics, theory, mechanics to be the voice of God.
  • As far as Jesus is concerned. I think He got this. And I do believe that this thing we call God can have a conscious will to bring about a "Son" with whom Has given an aptitude for divine nature. I think this happened specifically for Jesus at the most perfect time and under the most perfect circumstances. So yes, I believe, Jesus was the Son of God, Son of Man, the way to truth/heaven in that his message was orchestrated by the Creator. Whether or not he was born of a virgin and rose from the dead...I simply can't say. But is he the Son of God and is the way to salvation? Well, if you consider his message of the Truth about Life and of the Father (God) the way to save you from whatever it is that ails you (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) Yeah, I think so. I think Jesus was truly the first to bring the message that God is here, not there. That we are the way to Truth, not dogma. That's the way I see it. Sorry to be so longwinded.

Experiencing God

Thanks for the comments.  I tend to agree with what you say.  Yet in the end I cannot describe my "thing with God;" but I can, and do, experience the Presence of God alot these days!! And the less I try to figure this out, the more the experiencing of The Presence!!

God is truly here

Is he in my mind? I know he is within me and everywhere around me. He does not control what I do....or does he? I know, as I sit here and think about him, I feel as though I am floating. It truly is a miraculous feeling!


Very insightful... I like the macro and micro conceptions of God. I am glad you were able to articulate that so well. When it comes to God/the Universe/the Creator I find that I am limited by the restrictions of language (probably the restrictions of my mind as well?) and I think you do a good job of capturing where God is. Also, I am glad you mentioned the stars and the universe and you describe how that interest led you to reevaluate your notion of God. I have always been fascinated by the stars, planets and universe (probably because of your influence). I have always been curious about the unknown. Only recently did I find deeper meaning in my fascination with life's mystery; to me, God is mystery, the unknown, hence my unyielding devotion to my "spiritual path."


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