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Principle of "HUMILITY"

unpretentious, no (self) pride, modesty, the process of being humble


* I will look like a wimp
* humiliation
* doormat
* weak
* powerless

What does it look like when I am doing it? (rewards)

* self tolerance
* calmness. peace
* less conflict with self and others
* surrender to God
* accepting of help

What does it look like when I am not doing it? (costs)

* false pride
* arrogance
* conflict with others
* conflict within self
* mistaken view of reality
* no growth

What are the benefits?

* personal growth
* Power
* in line with Reality
* patience
* tolerance
* acceptance

What is the truth?

* humility is Power

What is the illusion?

* I am great, I don't need help


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