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Principle of "DECISION"

reaching a conclusion, judgement, win or loss, choice of one over other(s)


* I will make the wrong choice
* I can't
* I am not good enough to decide
* I like the way things are

What does it look like when I am doing it? (rewards):

* hopeful
* trust and faith in my future
* courage
* things are getting better

What does it look like when I am not doing it? (costs)

* distrust
* artificial control
* I know best
* things are good as they are
* I hate change

What are the benefits?

* moving forwards
* doing my part
* courage

What is the truth?

* I am always deciding
* deciding is good for me

What is the illusion?

* I know best

Moving Forward

I believe making a decision to move forward is the easy part of the journey. Two months ago, I could have never made that decision. Having the courage to move on that decision (move towards my future) is the tuff part. I know what I want and I do have faith in God. Whatever happens, if my choice is wrong, I believe he will be by my side all the way.Whatever I choose will be the right choice for me right now.


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