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Principle of "Admitting"

Being able to not hide anything, not being in denial, speaking it to another person
What does it look like: open, honest, living in the truth


* People will judge me
* They will find out who I really am
* They will think I'm a bad person

* Giving up control

What does it look like when I'm not doing it (costs).

* I may feel weird or uncomfortable around others
* I may feel like I'm on trial
* Justified or making up reasons
* Projecting my feelings
* Standing in judgement
* A feeling of confusion
* Worn out or tired

What does it look like when I am admitting (rewards).

* Life becomes easier
* Not on trial
* Good feelings when around others
* I will trust other people
* Clear minded, energized, worry free
* Fearlessness
* People are more honest with me

What are the benefits?

* Freedom- The truth starts to come out.
* More in touch with reality
* Others interact with the real me so I know the people who like me like the real me.
* Better relationships with others and myself.
* People admire my courageousness
* My computations about the world are more accurate because I am dealing with what is really happening

What is the truth?

* If I hide something it will hurt me

What is the illusion?

* By hiding something about myself I am better


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