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IN the preceding pages I have shown you how to cultivate Personal Magnetism and how, to a certain extent only, to use it.

If you have followed the rules carefully, you will at least have learnt a little on how to concentrate your mind, and, beyond all else, to have faith in yourself and in your own Power.

This is the groundwork, exactly as the ABC forms the groundwork of languages, but believe me, it is very little more; the true power of magnetism lies in the knowledge of how to apply it, and this I do not suppose one out of a thousand of my students can do on the strength of the previous chapters alone. You have studied the mechanism; you have learnt to believe in the power of one mind upon another; you have practiced your scales and five-finger exercise, and now you are ready to proceed to a “piece,” to play a tune, in fact! All true magnetic attraction consists of an interchange of magnetism between two centers. When all is given out and none coming in, the results is utter depletion, so far as the operator goes, and flatness – a gray drab effect upon the receiver, and is, moreover, absolutely a matter of impossibility to consciously create any effect upon the mind of another person without following certain cut-and dried rules which are imperative, if any definite measure of success is to be achieved.

Of course you can make another person like you, or you can carry out small schemes, but you are only using the ordinary power of mental attraction, and not true magnetic attraction.

This can only be accomplished when it is accompanied by:

Intensity of purpose.

The power of projecting mind images.

A knowledge (working) of the true laws of polarity; and

A correct understanding of what I choose to call the magnetic instruments.

So that at once it becomes apparent Personal Magnetism won’t be really of much avail for playing monkey tricks, such as the American guinea courses extol, nor can it be used excepting by a perfectly organized brain, which organization includes self-control.

To attract, you must be indifferent, yet intense of purpose and will.

You must be patient, all time is at your command; there is no need for hassle, but you must understand that, once embark upon the purpose, whatever it may be, to let go means a weakening of the will force; it is as if the head boy of the class were dismissed to the bottom seat and decked out with the foolscap. Remember that human volition can carry all things before it, but it must be accompanied by faith and persistence.

Also it is no use just thinking a thing, it is necessary to ACT; you must translate your thoughts into deeds.

Never waste your efforts on things that do not matter; never fritter your forces away.

To commence with number 4 conditions, under the old law that the first shall be last, and the last first, the correct magnetic instruments are:

1st The MIND

2nd The WILL power controlling the mental action

3rd The EYE

4th The power of touch, or contact

5th The human voice

This last item is never considered in the usual lessons upon this subject, yet it is as powerful in its own sphere of action as the mental side of the question.

The voice can carry magnetism, can stir up hatred or love, and influence the soul with passions or create coldness; it is the most readily used instrument of them all.

But I would have you understand clearly that the conscious brain effort is placed first because it is the chief instrument, and because it is a part of all the rest.

The inner gray matter of the brain records and registers thought images – thought images, be it said, which can be projected upon the gray matter of another’s brain, seized and registered by that brain as its own property, making it your unconscious servant, the doer of your bidding, of your will, the executor of your desires.

And, all this without any hypnotic control or without speaking a word.

The will power is the instrument which assists in the projection of these images and which is the leader, the captain of the ship.

In some extreme case pure desire will accomplish the same end as conscious will effort, but to gain the true effect, the thought must be under the control of the organized will, and for really powerful results to be attained, the determination to succeed must be accompanied by indifference.

For instance, supposing a woman loves a man devotedly, and the man doesn’t care a jot if she is alive or dead, that woman is the man’s slave, he is the center of attraction, not she; and he is the positive pole of which she is very poor negative.

Now such a woman might try to project a thought to that man’s brain, and she could never reach it, she is in the wrong position at the outset, she is not master of herself, but her passions are master of her, and the consequence is she is quite powerless to influence that other person, however great her desire.

By indifference you will understand that I mean you must be master of the desire, which impels your magnetic action, the desire must not be master of you.

When you are indifferent you are invulnerable.

The man, who goes to war praying that he may meet death, returns home with a whole skin.

The man who has plenty of money can go to the race course and bet freely, he will win, it is a matter of indifference to him, whilst the poor beggar whose all depends upon winning will loose everything he has!

Will power is the lever, which works the entire mechanism, but will power without the other instruments is no better than mere brute force, it is not magnetism

The eye, which is the next instrument in power, will always directly stir the magnetic centers, but of course few people even look one in the eye.

Lessons on Personal Magnetism are careful to instruct students to look at people between the eyes.

Believe me, magnetism only passes when you look right into the pupil of the eye – a thing which possibly only occurs between lovers, and which with contact, is more than partly responsible for the thrills which they experience.

The majority of people meet you eye without looking into it. When seeing to influence anybody, look directly into his or her eyes. Not many people can stand it, and like all magnetic usages it must not ever be abused.

So far as contact is concerned, most of my students and others also know the value of this, and I need not enlarge upon the subject.

Regarding the human voice, it can be directly charged with magnetism, and the sound waves created by it can transmit the message to be sent quite independent of any word effects.

For instance, a woman might be talking a lot of drivel about a summer sale, and yet she may send some strong magnetic force, some powerful magnetic emotion upon the meaningless sound waves.

Of course, to have the strongest effect the words and the emotion should tally, but whereas the mental images projected by the will power may carry any impression form good health to death, from hate to love, and so on, even to certain definite and concerted actions, the voice can carry emotion only, but the magnetic emotion properly directed can raise such a storm, such an absolute tornado of corresponding emotion, either in on e person or ten thousand people, as to make the uninitiated gasp.

So to recapitulate the use of any five magnetic instruments, the mind is used for creating mind pictures; the will power is used for projecting those mental pictures upon the gray matter of another person’s brain; the eye is used for creating magnetic disturbances or explosions in the aura of that other person; the use of contact as for very much the same purpose, whilst the use of the voice is for the conveyance of any particular emotion.

Now we come to number 3: The knowledge of the true working laws of polarity.

As you know from my preceding pages, polarity stands for the positive and negative condition of the magnetic current. We all know that. It is necessary when teaching pupils music to make him play scales and exercises to render the muscles of the hand lissome, and to give him perfect control over them. Very good.

In my pervious work I have emphasized the necessity for becoming positive – the imperative necessity, maybe for positive mind action.

Let me tell you now that anybody who uses the positive polarity only soon becomes depleted.

The law is that of the human heart, where the blood beats in and out, of the tides of the ocean, which come and go, of the seasons of the year, of night and of day.

You cannot give all out and take in nothing.

And the great law of polarity is this: first negative conditions, the taking in; then positive, the giving out.

This is quite reasonable if you consider the ordinary laws of nature, we do not sow the seed and then plow the land, but plow the land first of all and sow the seed afterwards.

Now I want you to understand the word receptivity as synonymous for a process of “drawing from,” or an inhalation of force, if you can understand that better.

For impression, I want you to understand a “giving out,” and of the same force that you draw from.

I want to make you understand this clearly, because the whole use of magnetism depends on this law, which is seldom or never properly understood.

The main object preached by all teachers of magnetism is impress, impress, impress!

You may take it from me that by giving out only impression results in a dull gray or drab effect, there is no play of color, no real display of power, no definite result.

And all gray or drab magnetism is like any other drab effect, wanting in life, lacking that pulsating sense of color, which arrests the eye and warms the whole being of you.

Of course the next question you will ask is how impress? When am I to use the one action and when the other. Well, I am coming to that later on. Sufficient for the time being, if you will realize the teachings of concentration. The universe is flooded with the power of Universal Attraction.

The Rosicrucian’s speak of it as great white invisible fire – it is called the universal fluid, the astral light, the odic force, the living, pulsating ether of the ancients. It is enough to understand that this force, call it what you will, and floods the universe.

It is in you, it is in me, it is in the space that divides us, no matter if that space is a yard, or if we are separated by half the earth.

This, I think, you all understand; the point I want to emphasize is that this force collects at certain living centers in the body – the solar plexus for one, which is situated at the waist centers of the body.

Some people have it in enormous quantities, others are lacking in it. It is the medium, as I have already explained, which carries our mental messages from one to the other.

By my will power, my breath or my voice, or my touch or my merest glance, I can send my force magnetic from me.

And by those same means I can draw your force away from you, draw it to me.

If I only draw from you, you will become asinine, like an animal, passive sleepy. If I only send my force to you, I become limp, weary, inert, and lifeless.

But supposing that I first draw your force from you to me, and at a given moment then proceed to impress my force upon you, alternating the process according to circumstances and conditions, the result will be that you feel alert, charged with new life, strangely excited possibly, thrilled as it were with some curious unknown emotion.

You are receptive, my servant, you accept my thoughts, and you do not know they are my thoughts, you become as one with me, you are for the time being my servant.

And I am quietly charging you with my magnetism, guided by my will, yet without suffering the depletion that would assail me if I had only forced my will upon you.

For exercise you may commence this practice with breathing exercises only – and alone!

Stand erect, in a proper physical culture attitude, waist in , chest well breasted upwards.

Now imagine a person, or be content to draw in merely from the universal supply.

Commence by inhaling slowly; as you do so, will that you draw in the magnetic force from without. You can draw it in with your hands if you like, taking it as if it were something sticky, something that needed a certain amount of muscle to being to you. In other words, a mere light gesture doesn’t convey the correct sensations to your brain center.

Then breathe outwards, still slowly, and as you do it will your own magnetic force outwards and away from you to that other imaginary center. This is for practice only.

You can do the same thing (without the gesture) when you are talking to people. It will not have much effect upon them; because of course it is magnetic breathing only, unaided by the brain, or imaginative side of yourself.

I think you understand this now, and we can leave it pro tem. But you can and must practice it regularly.

Now there are two distinct methods of treating people magnetically. One is what we will call distant treatment, for want of a better name; the other is that treatment used when you are face to face with a person or persons.

Curiously enough, the former is infinitely more powerful than the latter, and I will deal with it first of all, although the modus operandi in both cases is similar, somewhat, at any rate.

It is not enough to sit down and will that a person shall do so and so, or to even follow up the will conditions with magnetic breathing. To begin with, you must have an absolutely clear conception of what you mean to impress. That impression must be of the nature of an emotion, and an emotion that is universal. This is the very basic soul essence of your message it must fail otherwise.

It is not enough to just think of it in an abstract manner, you will accomplish nothing.

You must absolutely become the emotion, flood your very being with it, and shut out every other sensation.

Thus and THUS ONLY can you ever hope to arouse in that other person the sensation you desire.

Sit down quietly by yourself, and by the aid of your imagination grow into the semblance of your emotion. Any emotion must be universal and freed from all restrictions.

Something which is governed neither by rare creed nor language. Something which the savage and civilized alike feel and understand. Love, hatred, greed, generosity, fear, courage, health, sickness, passion, power, religion-these are all universal emotions, and with one of these, according to your desires, you must be so saturated that you are for the time being an embodiment of it, and of it alone.

You are master of this emotion, you have put it on like an overcoat, and you can take it off as easily. You are really indifferent.

The next condition still further calls upon our imagination, that wondrous weaver of pictures, of fantasy and fact.

The next step is to see the person you would influence.

This is not difficult to some, to others its acquirement is tedious, but if you have practiced concentration you should be able to do it well enough.

You must see them mentally as clearly as if face-to-face.

Every feature, color, and eyes – all must stand out clearly in your mental vision – Good!

Now, feeling charged with your emotion, with the mental vision clearly before you, call him (or her) by name.

As your voice goes out draw to yourself strongly the magnetic force from that person, as you have been taught, only remember that whereas in practice you draw the force in whilst you are inhaling, here you have to draw in whilst your voice is ringing outwards, and you man repeat two or three times, just as if you were calling him, and waiting for him to hear you.

Good again!

Now you have gone through three separate phases

1st You have created an emotion.

2nd You have created a mental image.

3rd You have charged yourself with the magnetism of the person you are acting upon and be doing this you have created a condition of receptivity in him.

Could you be present with him in the flesh, you would find him restless, a little excited, with his thoughts crowded upon you.

It is a very curious thing that the moment you build up a mental image of any person, that person immediately receives a mental image of you.

Now you are ready to send your desire to the person, but do not forget that the desire must agree with the universal emotion, the message must correspond. As you transmit your message – aloud – send your magnetic force towards the person with all your will power.

So far as the message goes you must understand that certain cut and dried laws govern this also.

It should be as simple as possible.

It should be capable of translation into a mental picture.

It must be repeated steadily for any length of time necessary.

It depends a great deal upon what the message may be.

You will see from this that telepathy acts as a means of conveying magnetism. But at the same time this method of treatment is really quite apart from telepathy as usually understood, excepting so far as the thought images are concerned.

The time required for treatment depends upon your natural ability.

Say always, “You want,” for it is the very essence of magnetism that this law shall be observed. You must throw your thought across the screen of the other person’s brain, in such form, that the thoughts seem their own.

Perhaps I ought not to speak so freely on these matters, but I know very well there are so few people who can fulfill the conditions or who will persevere, that I don not think there is very much harm done.

Supposing you know somebody who is very unhappy, hopeless, and alone. Saturate yourself with the emotion of Hope, until you feel buoyant with life and joy.

Call up the image of the person you want to influence, and then with the magnetic breathing, call them by name.

Then send your message of magnetic hope: say, “You want to be cheerful, you want to feel happy; you have your heart full of hope you can sing, you can feel the joy of future success surge through your being.” This will have an altogether different effect to the same treatment delivered by the ordinary mans of mental treatment or magnetism.

Of course I only take this as an instance. It is by no means the only kind of use to which magnetism may be put. You may want somebody to care for you, or not to care for some other person. You may want somebody to do you a favor, you may be seeking a situation, there are a thousand uses to which it may be put, but the method is always the same, and in the same order.

Coming to personal contact, of course, although in the main conditions are the same, details differ.

And it must be emphasized also that this method is applicable alike to individuals and to audiences.

Actors and actresses can use it, lecturers and preachers, vocalists and reciters, barristers, in fact anybody dealing with the general public.

Before you come into touch with either the person or the audience, get a clear idea of your plan of campaign.

What is it you are going to do? What are your plans?

I will give an instance, which really happened to a pupil of mine. He is a businessman, and a very big manta that, never mind what sort of business, for that would be telling. Anyway, he had to deal with four men in his own line of business who had been for years bitterly opposed to certain plans he wanted to carry out, and in no way could he influence them. She he came to me and I taught him what I have just taught you. To begin with, I made him treat them first from the distance, each man separately. For his emotional saturation I made him take Power.

Then to each man he gave his ideal, in the form of a mental picture. Next he went to see them, intentionally. Before entering each man’s office he charged himself with magnetism from the man in question. Then, quietly talking to him all the time throwing this vivid mental picture upon his brain.

One man capitulated of his own accord without my pupil even putting the question to him at all, and at a public meeting half a few days later the other three men climbed down gracefully, and through the proper use of magnetism gained a victory he had sought for years in vain.

The great difficulty most people will experience in using my method of magnetic treatment, is what I call the emotional saturation.

To a great actress, a Violet Vanburgh, an Ethel Irving, the emotional saturation is a part of their magic, it is easy, to average English manor woman who has been brought up to stifle emotion, to mask their real feelings until they are sometimes apparently without feeling, this assumption of an emotion is difficult.

It is not any use doing it in milk and water fashion.

If you assume the emotion of, say religion you must bring to yourself that intense sensation of awed reverence, as if in the actual presence of the Deity; if you assume the emotion of love, your whole being must pulsate with the tender passion, you become love personified, the sort of love is a state of being which must also be considered.

There is a wide difference between the love of a mother for her child, and the love of a strong man for the woman of his heart, or the love of a proliferate for some woman who has claimed his butterfly passion. All these shades of difference must be vigorously observed, you must be an artist; you do not merely assume an emotion, you ARE that emotion for the time, every nerve and fiber of your body responds to the call your imagination makes upon it, and yet reserve to yourself the right to become instantly calm, normal, unwept by any form of brain storm.

I am not saying it will not take it out of you a little, but as a matter of fact what you lose is infinitesimal if you follow the laws governing magnetic breathing, and properly charge yourself with odic force before you go any further in your efforts, and the emotional storm cannot touch you.

This is one of the reasons why I am so very decided in my teachings as to the due observance of magnetic breathing and the proper use of magnetic polarity.

It stands to reason that if you do not know how to create receptivity, or when to impress, you must be sadly handicapped in the use of this marvelous force, in fact leave out any one item, or transpose them even, and the result will be failure.

Patience, before all things, and faith, the certitude of obtaining results, are essential factors of success, and again the old Biblical saying that with faith you can remove mountains.

However return the correct method of dealing with people when using magnetism for what I will call “contact work” – i.e., a personal interview – it must be always remembered that whatever subjects of conversation may arise all the time you are charged with your emotional magnetism until the very air becomes electric (or magnetic) as it were with your purpose.

Learn to talk platitudes whilst you are feeling a great emotion, and learn to talk also whilst your brain formulates the words without speech, which carry your secret will message.

This is by no means an easy task, unless you appear pre-absorbed, which is a wrong attitude and not flattering to the person you have to deal with.

I knew a man once who lost a large fortune through yawning at the wrong moment; and any apparent inattention on your part may do more harm than you imagine.

Learn to smile and look interested, to talk lightly about current topics, all the while your body is something in a magnetic storm, and your brain hammers out its silent message with the ceaseless insistence which characterizes most forms of suggestion, and, speaking of suggestion, it is always a helpful addition to the use of personal magnetism, the way a word is put will often make all the difference to any result desired.

To say to some people, “I want you to do so and so,” is to court refusal. To delicately suggest that it is their own special desire to do this particular thing, will generally result in their believing it is their desire.

The whole use of magnetism in its more subtle and useful branches is that of transplanting your own desires to the brain of another in such form that they recognize them only as their own offspring. Constant practice will soon render this easy of accomplishment.

Do not make the common error of over-doing it and growing weary. Personal magnetism is for use, like a pick-me-up, when needed. It can be overdone, and the effect lost. After warmth - cold; after night - day; after a magnetic storm of emotion -rest.

A pupil of mine, a very dear lady (she is dead now) had a beast of a husband who was always straying away from her. I taught her how to bring him back, but I never could convince her that she must give it a rest.

He came back and wooed her again as an ardent lover after a fifteen years’ coldness and practical desertion, but I never could make her alternate her treatment, and after a year’s renewed honeymoon he grew tired again, and once more strayed away form her.

Magnetism appeals so much to lovers that I beg them to remember this law: You can make a man or a woman love you, bit if you go on digging it into their brain it grows FLAT, parrot-like and useless.

You achieve your object, very good, give it a rest, do not think o magnetism, don’t be too everlastingly sugary, let him (or her) go a little, even alternate our treatment with a little judicious coldness or even neglect, then when there is trouble brewing, when the object of your affections grows doubtful, hurt even, uncertain of you, then, if you like, renew your treatment.

Anybody who understands this law of magnetic polarity can hold a man or a woman a willing slave for always. Looks, age, talent; none of these things matter.

But look, you never grizzle – never. Fire up if you must, be cold, be warm, be indifferent, but just take life smiling. The one who goes through life with a song and a smile has a constant magnetic flow. Tears and grizzles will break that flow, you are never magnetic when you grieve. You will get out of the world exactly what you put into it, so be understanding, be sympathetic, be sunshine, and be strong.

Never mind what the surface “you” may be. Underneath, let the current of indomitable will guide you on to that which you desire. Once you have put your hand to the plough do not turn back – go on, fast if you can, if not go slowly, but go on. If you have begun a thing, if you have formulated a desire, regard it as already your own, for it is so indeed if you have the courage to continue.

To recapitulate the order for personal contact:

1st Saturate with your magnetic emotion

2nd As you enter the person’s presence (with full lungs please) and speak the usual greetings, strongly charge yourself with magnetism from them, drawing it to you with your will effort, on the sound waves of your voice.

3rd Formulate your desires into speechless words, with all the force you are able

4th As you formulate charge the person with your own magnetism, the return current.

5th When you come to the point, which may not always be necessary (in actual words, in fact often it is quite unnecessary to formulate your desires into spoken words at all), but assuming that it is so, let the preamble to your request be an indrawn of it magnetism, that is to say, as your voice travels outward along the sound waves it creates your willpower, is drawing into you the necessary magnetic charges from the person you speak to, and then when you reach the crisis send voice, will, brain image all heavily charged with your own magnetism outwards to the person you are dealing with. You will be astonished at the effect, if a strong electric battery were played upon him he could not be more influenced, and it is very seldom indeed that such a charge will fail.

Public speakers, and so forth, can use this power in the same way, of course much depending upon what their subject may be, but it’s no earthly use unless pre-charged with the correct magnetic emotion; that is your groundwork, and whatever your outward words or actions may portray, you must not lose sight of that for a moment. It must be felt, it must radiate from you with intensity that all can feel and understand without speech or action to explain your purpose. As my infant son says when he turns head over heels, or tries to, “that takes a bit of doing” – but whoever can do it is master of a force greater than any other force known to science as yet, master of a power one almost hesitates to use let your use of it be for good only, or believe me it will turn and rend you!


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