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Chapter 8 - The Law of True Wealth

1. The Law of True Wealth

The Law of true wealth states that if you live in harmony and act within the universal laws that you will live a life filled with wealth.

The law of true wealth is that you are never separate of true wealth; you only have to choose to be that which you already are, wealthy.

2. The Law of The Great Wealth Pandemic

This law states that the more wealth you give away the wealthier you will be. You become part of the Great Wealth Pandemic. It is Law.

By now you surely must understand why I told you to give away this book in the very beginning and if you haven’t done so already, you should be convinced by now that this book is wealth itself.

This book is priceless. Why do I say that? Because, I know what works. I have used these techniques and keys and I still do. That is how I became wealthier. When you are wealthy and have all you could desire you are now at a point where you can give freely because you know what you give comes back to you.

The Great Wealth Pandemic So not only am I providing a cure for poverty, lack, despair and limitation, I am also giving it away freely and my intention is if I can make the world a better, more beautiful, place to live in, by helping anyone and everyone become wealthy, I will be creating a wealthier life for everyone.

I know that we are all in this together, and I am accepting 100% responsibility for my life and I intend to constantly improve my life. Once I learned how to cure the dis-ease’s of my mind, that was focused on poverty, lack and limitation, I began to cure myself by becoming wealthy, thinking wealthy thoughts, feeling wealthy and taking action as though I was already wealthy. I started writing the story of my life to be that of infinite wealth where everything I think, feel and do is wealthy.

Our lives are full of abundance. Once we realize that it is our thoughts, feelings and actions that in fact create the reality we were experiencing, we tap into the wealthiest source there is: we tap into ourselves, our imaginations, we take ownership of our lives and begin to choose what we want to think, feel and do. When it becomes a habit to consistently choose our thoughts, feelings and actions our inner world becomes the outer world; now it is just a matter of allowing whatever we desire into our lives. It will become natural to experience and expect effortless abundance and living a life of true wealth.

The Truly Wealthy Know

The truly wealthy also know that whatever you do for the highest good of the greatest number, it puts to work several universal laws and multiplies everything in your life. If you have nothing to give but your smile, that is a start. Do that and soon you will have more to give because you will receive more smiles, smile at the right person, and they may just be, do or have what you need most. By exercising faith and choosing to be Grateful now you become a super magnet, you become undeniably attractive to your desires. Things will seem to show up in your life as if it were magic.

Amazing things happen every moment. The trick is learning to recognize them. Be Amazed!

If you begin to look only for the amazing wonderful things in life, then soon that is all you will see. What you focus on is what you are. Focus on wealth, see it everywhere. Nature is the most perfect example. The leaves on a tree, the blades of grass, the grains of sand, the colors, the smells, the sights. Everywhere! Its all about the way you look at everything. Be Amazed. Be abundant; be wealthy now in this moment, you have all the tools you need already. This is merely a beginners manual – Volume One – on how to use these tools.

"Anyone who lives within - his means suffers from a lack of imagination." –Lionel Stander

It is Very Important to Have Fun!

In closing I want to remind you to Have Fun! What is it that truly wealthy are very good at?

Having fun.

Learn to live fully, being your true self in each moment and practice having fun in someway in each moment. There is no rush. You are never going to get it all done. Relax, have fun.

Life is all about the journey. And, since it's a journey, you better make up your mind now if you want to have a good time or a bad time. By learning what it is that we don't want, it sure makes it easy to figure out what we do want, right?

Once you figure out what you do want, accept that you can have it by using the three keys (T.E.A) in the proper way. Just think… “It’s T.E.A time” to help you remember.

Expect Wealth and accept nothing less than being wealthy in thought, feeling and action.

Sometimes old habits are hard to break. The good news is newer healthier and wealthier habits are easier to pick up and keep.

If you consistently and constantly think inspired thoughts, you will feel inspired. Your every action will be some inspired action. You are living a life of inspiration every moment.

Remember: Wealthy Thought's, Wealthy Feelings, And Wealthy Actions. It is for the greatest and highest good of all. There is no other way.

Thank you for infecting yourself with The Great Wealth Pandemic. I look forward to you living a life only you could dream of.

This life is yours. Take it by the reigns and begin to live it fully, a life without limits.

“Dreams are made real through actions; take action live your dream”

(Don’t forget, give this book away, help spread the infection of The Great Wealth Pandemic)

Harmonically Yours,

Mr. Jody Sachse


Harmonic Ascension LLC


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