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TO resume the consideration of the various kinds of thought waves we will now consider Fig. III (Lesson III), which shows the action of the brain when generating another kind of mind wave, when the thought field, which closely resembles the magnetic field, as known to electricians, is composed of lines of forces which are less concentrated because more scattered in area, since they radiate outwards to all points, still from the same calm center.

But under the action of an organized mentality each line reaches the mark.

Thus from “A” to the outermost circle on every side, which in this case we will take to represent the known universe, or perhaps better still, as the world, the thought rays travel in even quality, and with direct force. When the student sits from general concentration, desiring, or expecting some good thing which mankind or nature as a whole (because of his relation to nature) can give him, but without specifying any individual, then his thought follows the directions of this figure, and his brain machine just radiates the thought as the sun radiates light.

It falls gently, and equally distributed upon all, and almost insensibly, often by what may seem the queerest chances, those on whom it falls are drawn to that center power, and the thinker, be if for business, or otherwise, realizes that his concentration has borne fruit.

( Fig III not shown )

Fig. IV clearly indicated the nature of thought sent in the general direction, but consisting of uneven and vacillating action, and will explain better than anything else why it is that some people have never achieved anything by the study of mental and spiritual science, or any other of the many methods of improving thought life.

( Fig IV not shown )

They are not the masters of the laws governing mental action, nor do they clearly comprehend the kinetic nature of this curious and powerful substance, or the methods of its propulsion through the ether.

The third law of motion is, ‘that action and reaction are equal in force, but opposite in direction.”

Here we are considering the action of somebody endowed with energy by natural or mechanical means. As an example, if you take an india-rubber ball and throw it against a wall, it will return to you with exactly the same force with which it struck the wall; and it’s just exactly the same with any other body, or mass of atoms (for do not forget that everything from a stone to the human body is built up of atoms. In some things, such as the human body, gases, electricity, or water, the atoms are in continual motion; in others, such as rocks, certain chemicals, etc., they are in a state known as “inertia,” that is to say, they are resting, waiting for some other substance to come along and wake them up, then, hey presto! They are as full of life and energy as anything else. Often the chemical action of smoke and atmosphere will make large buildings, which are apparently dead, or inert, really a mass of movement, every tiny particle of stone vibrating), they come back to you with exactly the same force you send them, or with which nature sends them, as the case may be.

So that, say, the flinging of the ball against the wall is the action, and the force with which they meet creates the reaction, sending the ball back whence it came; at the same time if the ball strikes the wall so feebly that hardly any reaction is given, it will fall to the ground for want of momentum, or impetus (the force with which a body is driven or impelled).

Thought rays (thought being a vibratory mass, as we have agreed) sent out through the ether with direct force, will return upon their center (the brain) with equal force to that which sent them forth. So, according to this law, thought goes out, charged with its duty, and returns to the starting point having fulfilled its mission, if the thinker is organized. So that thought goes out to perform an errand, and will return to you laden with just what you sent it for, IF YOU ARE MASTER. Thought is your SERVANT, and if properly used will always bring you what you send it for.

In the realm of occultism the psychic forces, which are used by man, follow very much the same laws, which govern the natural, or partly material world, but so far from realizing this important fact man has sought for laws outside those he knows. It has been my experience that the occult is so simple it passes the comprehension of the man in the street whom looks for mystery where there really is none. Life in all its manifestations is simple, and is governed, as the ancients taught, by ONE life, ONE law, ONE word. It is the teachings that are complex, not the subject, and anything that can be done to simplify such teachings is most decidedly a step in the right direction.

There is the old, old motto, used by Freemasons and others of religious and mystic persuasions, in hoc signo vinces (by this sing thou shalt conquer), and man has been speaking also of the esoteric societies and Masonic brotherhood, taken this to mean the sign of the cross. Yet how can a cross help us to conquer? I will tell you what it really means, it is not the cross, but the CHRIST which will help us to conquer, and it is not even the Christ who is but a myth to many, it is the Christ within ourselves, and until we recognize this great power of good within us we shall never conquer. It has always seemed to me that the solidity of our bodies has been a drawback to the mental acceptance of the occult truths we are tying to make a part of our minds, and that the idea that we have so many stones of flesh and blood, bone and muscle to support, keeps us form the realization of the mighty truth that we are all MIND and LOVE, so I am anxious for my pupils to get their minds clear of that and to believe and understand that they are as much spirit as anything else. The very materiality of the fleshy body is a hindrance to mental and physical development, but I do not wish you to deny your body, it is there all right enough, and a very great necessity, too; I only want you to grasp the fact that by recognizing the occult significance of “I AM LOVE,” or “I AM POWER,” you are admitting the fact that our entire body is permeated throughout with the etheric waves which act as a medium for all things throughout the infinite.

So that you ARE love and power, and being all love nothing can ever really harm you if you understand the law. Your body is an animated magnet, and the space it fills in the atmosphere is just a greater center of attraction. Say so half a hundred times a day, think of all it means to you, “I am FORCE, the LAW OF LIFE. The law is manifesting in my body and can be tapped for use whenever I wish to do so.”

There is a great power in words, not that the words themselves are of any value, but they can and do convey suggestions, and when you concentrate upon certain words you set up the conditions those words convey to your brain machine. You say the word LOVE; it at once awakens a certain train of thought, and as you think you set in motion vibrations which, ever reaching outward, bring you into mental contact with the best the world has for you, the best part of the men and women with whom you come into business or social relations, the best of mineral, animal, and vegetable kingdoms, and last, but not least, the best of the spiritual world and of YOURSELF. You MAKE yourself LOVE, and you are love; you simply radiate love as a stove or the sun radiates heat. So let that be your battle-cry; let it be your password to a better state, “I AM LOVE, LOVE FILLS MY ENTIRE BODY.” Even if it brought you no material benefit (which it will do), the experiment is well worth trying for the simple pleasure of seeing how everybody you meet will unbend to your influence, and how much loved in return you will become. It will be simply your mental body responding to the suggestion carried by the word love, and from the mental to the physical meaning of the little word not only mentally, but also physically.

I have shown how thought does and should travel, and why it is capable of performing its journey through ether, but I only treated of this in a perfunctory manner, because I wanted to explain more fully in the lesson of thought fields, to which we are coming in our next lesson.


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