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Chapter 11 Creating Wealth and Financial Abundance

I originally had wealth in the number 5 position in my program, but have recently moved it to the final position. Why? Because great wealth is dependent upon all the other areas.

In monitoring my website, I’ve noticed that the number one area people expressed an interest in by their online behavior is wealth. I don’t think that will come as a surprise to everyone. Most people seem to think that they can take care of all of their other problems if they had enough money.

In a way, this is unfortunate, because creating wealth and abundance is often the result of a number of factors: like having a positive attitude, being confident, able to set definite goals along with a plan for their achievement, having good health, building great relationships with others. In other words, there is a natural progression to the program. While you are certainly free to pick and choose which areas you want to study, I encourage you to go through the sections in order in order to take advantage of the progression of the program.

1. I am now wealthy.

2. I deserve to be wealthy.

3. I am now a financial genius.

4. I am now highly pleasing to myself in the presence of other people.

5. I now save, spend, and invest my money wisely.

6. My wealth is increasing massively everyday.

7. I now give away massive amounts of wealth to causes that I believe in.

8. All the investments I own are profitable.

9. Every dollar I spend returns to me massively multiplied.

10. I manage my money effectively with precision.

11. I now have all the money that I want and need.

12. I now give away large amounts of wealth wisely and intelligently.

13. Every thought I have is now being transformed into massive financial abundance for me.

14. I am now creating all of the wealth that I want and need.

15. My imagination is now creating all the financial abundance that I desire.

16. The more of my wealth that I give away wisely, the more my personal wealth explodes massively.

17. I now seize my opportunities boldly and courageously decisively applying my faith through my actions.

18. My imagination now creates all the wealth I desire.

19. Through my power of intention, I effortlessly attract all the wealth I need and desire.

20. I habitually give more than I get. I cheerfully go the extra mile in every task I undertake.

21. I am now accumulating vast amounts of wealth consistent with my integrity and honesty.

22. I respectfully accept the gifts of others with the knowledge that these gifts were intended to gratify the giver more than the receiver.

23. I am now receptive to unexpected gifts of wealth.

24. I am a gracious giver and receiver.

25. When I think wealthy thoughts, I become more wealthy in all aspects of my life.

26. My wealth is now multiplying and creating more wealth easily and effortlessly.

27. My financial abundance is now exploding massively 24 hours a day even when I am playing, eating, and sleeping.

28. I am now surrounded by an ocean of wealth and I draw from this ocean all I need.

29. My job is my personal pipeline from which I tap the infinite wealth from my world economy for my personal desires.

30. I am now earning massive amounts of wealth doing what I love to do while rendering useful service to other people.

31. Through my power of my subconscious mind, I effortlessly attract all the wealth I need and desire.

32. I am a money magnet.

33. Money is forever circulating in my life and there is always a surplus.

34. I have a responsibility to accumulate vast sums of wealth through useful service to others and to give it back to society through gifts that benefit the entire community.


Here is what you can do to spread the word about Power Affirmations:

1. Email this file to a friend (you should ask them first!).

2. Send them a link to where they can download their own free copy.

3. Print out as many copies as you like.

4. Make your own recordings or buy the MP3’s I’ve made at Using recordings of some sort is the most powerful way to use Power Affirmations.

5. What positive topic can you write about and create a website and e-book? Your only limit is your own imagination!

Together we can fill the world with positive thought.


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