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How To Study "Power of Will"

My first recommendation is to carefully and methodically read the book from beginning to end. Do not skip about, but take each lesson in regular order. Mentally absorb as much of what you read as you can, marking in the margins, or making other note of such paragraphs or sections as afford instructions which you feel particular need of. Return to them later on.

Try each day to put into practical use in your personal affairs and your associations with other people, the principles you have found in the lessons.

As you come to the lessons in Sense Culture, beginning on page 127, do not "peter out" and allow your original resolution to develop will power to be balked, just because there are some exercises.

Remember this, all that you will ever know in this world, every iota of knowledge you will ever possess, comes to you through your Five Senses. A child without Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste or Smell never would gain any knowledge, it would be but a physical machine absolutely devoid of the ability to know, think, reason or understand.

Therefore, the greatest opportunity in your life is the opportunity to learn how to make your five senses yield you greater brain powers. And to this end Dr. Haddock has in the second division, "The WILL and SENSE CULTURE," given you the most elaborate and successful exercises ever arranged to multiply the powers of your Senses, through which your knowledge and success may be enhanced.

How To Use The Exercises

There are exercises for the Eye 11 of them; then come 10 for the Ear; 9 for Touch ( a separate lesson for each Sense.) It is best to take three or four exercises from each lesson and work on these 5 sets for the period of 10 days. If time will not allow so many, then take but two exercises from each of the five lessons in Sense culture.

After the ten day period, drop the exercises, and take as many more new ones from each of the five lessons. In this way, you will have covered all of the exercises in the five lessons on Sense culture in three or four ten day periods. Many have asked if they were to take but one exercise and do that for ten days before taking another. No!. Take several at a time and from several of the lessons.


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How To Study "Power of Will"

The same plan of practice also covers lessons beginning on page 177; The Nerves; Hands; Steadiness etc. In lessons on Attention; Attention in Reading; Attention in Thinking also appear problems to work out, but these are straight away methods for development of Brain power.

The Only Possible Way To Develop Will Power

Commenting up the fact that there are dozens of exercises in the book, and your possible thought that you won't have time to practice them, I say that you can no more acquire powers of Mind, Will and Success by merely passively reading about them, than you could become a Sandow by simply reading all the books in existence about muscle.

ACTUAL PRACTICE -- ACTUAL EXERCISE OF THE BRAIN POWERS is the only method under the sun that will yield you INCREASED POWERS. Therefore with joy hail the arrival of this book which shows you the direct road, which provides tested exercises for your personal improvement.

As previously mentioned, it seems a good plan to first read the book from beginning to end, not stopping during the, first reading to work out all of the exercises. TAKE THEM UP FOR METHODICAL PRACTICE AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED A GENERAL READING OF THE BOOK.

Look upon "POWER OF WILL" as a guide and consellor and a mine of golden information, a master instructor that will show you how to make the most of your God given mental forces, but which can be made the most of -- ONLY THROUGH ACTUAL EXERCISE. Return to it again and again and always will you find new values. Don't part with it just because there may be parts of it you can't use right now you CAN use it later on.

If I may be allowed a personal word, when I began the study of "POWER OF WILL" I was an $8 a week bill clerk. What I learned from the book by CONTINUED study of its pages made a fortune for me and not only that, it developed an intellect. And those are the very things you seek, else you would never have sent for the book

It CAN and WILL produce results for you. Yours for Success,


The Power - Book Library

Its Aim

NOT Training in the well known Arts, Sciences or Businesses, but Cultivation of the Real Personality for Successful Living in any Art, Science or Business.

Its Philosophy

The Highest human Science is the Science of Practical Individual Culture.

The Highest Human Art is the Art of Making the Most of the Self and its Career.

One Science/Art stands Supreme: The Science-Art of Successful Being, Successful Living,

Successful Doing.

Its Eight Highways of Power

The Highway of Bodily and Mental Health. The Highway of Dauntless Courage/Confidence. The Highway of the Controlled Whirlwind. The Highway of Symmetrically Great Will Power. The Highway of Variously Growing Mind Power. The Highway of Physical and Psychic Magnetism. The Highway of Expanding Practical Ability. The Highway of the Arthurian White Life.

Its Double Goal

Supreme Personal Well Being and Actual Financial Betterment.

Its Method

Exactly What to Do and How to Do Exactly That.

The Volumes

"Power of Will," (Travels Seven Highways). "Power for Success," (Travels Eight Highways). "The Personal Atmosphere," (Suggests all Highways). "Business Power," (Travels Seven Highways). "The Culture of Courage," (Travels Four Highways). "Practical Psychology," (Travels Six Highways). "Creative Personality," (Indicates all Highways).

You are invited to enter one or more of the Eight Highways and to share in the labor and rewards of many nowon the path of personal betterment.


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