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Chapter 18 This is Not the End but a New Beginning

If you are reading this, then I congratulate you on making it all the way through this book. It has more content than most people think initially because it is formatted for 8 ½ by 11 sized paper. Most books use a much smaller page size.

But what’s really important is the quality of the content. Affirmations by their very nature invoke a deeper level of thought. These are thoughts you can record, memorize, and use on a moment by moment basis to stay positive and stay focused on your goals. Equally important are the affirmations you create for yourself using the simple techniques outlined in this book.

Even though you are at the end of this book, I strongly encourage you to go back and study the material several times so that you get the greatest value possible. Even more importantly, that you use Power Affirmations from whatever source to condition your mind to think the way you choose to think.

Has this Book Helped You?

Here’s a question for you: how much do you feel this book as helped you? If your answer is “not much,” then there is not much for me to say other than to thank you for taking the time to read what I have had to say.

If the answer to this question is that you feel this material will significantly help you achieve your goals, then without hesitation or apology, I humbly ask for your help so I can continue to help other people. Of course, how much you choose to help is up to you.

Here are some specific ways you can help:

1. Work to achieve your personal success. One of the best ways to help me is for you to make an absolute and steadfast commitment to yourself to be positive and to achieve massive personal success. That should be an easy commitment for you to make, right?

So how does this help me? Simple. Helping you and others like you achieve the success they desire is the mission of my e-book and website. The only way I can fulfill this mission is if you achieve your goals. And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

2. Share the Power Affirmations website and e-book with other people. At the very least, just e-mail a copy to a couple of friends. While I’d love for them to join my mailing list, it’s much more important to me that as many people get a copy of this e-book as possible. If that means that you email them the e-book directly, by all means do so.

As I said at the beginning of this book, part my mission is to make a measurable positive difference on our world. The way I am measuring my personal impact is by how many people I reach through my e-book and website. My goal is to reach a minimum of 1 million people by March 2008. I think it is possible to achieve this goal sooner, but I want to allow for a reasonable amount of time.

The only way this goal is achievable is with your help and the help of other like minded people. If enough of you share this information with even one or two new people, and they do the same, the power of compound growth will take over and the goal will be easily achievable.

Here’s a question for you: how much better would the world be if a majority of people made a clear choice to be positive? How much more prosperity would exist in the world? Is this “utopian?” Yes. Is this impossible? Maybe. Is this a goal worth pursuing? Absolutely.

3. You can help yourself and help me continue my efforts by purchasing one or more of the MP3 recordings of Power Affirmations I’m offering through the website. Just visit for more information.

The primary reason you should buy them is because you think they will help you achieve your goals. But I also know that there are some people who won’t necessarily want the recordings, but who are interested in making a financial contribution to help support me in my efforts. If you find
yourself in that category, the best way to help is to order one or more of the MP3 recordings. Depending on what you order the cost is only $6 to $24—a very modest amount. You can bet the money will be put to excellent use in helping others.

4. Okay, now I have a selfish request. For a lot of reasons, I am a huge fan of big band, swing, and jazz music— especially in the style of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Harry Connick, Jr., etc. I love the music so much that I have created a self-funded and self-produced CD of 11 songs. The title of the CD is “Moonlight Becomes You.” I never would have completed the project without the use of Power Affirmations. I hired the musicians, rented the recording studio, and sang the songs. The entire project took a year and a half. I am extremely pleased and proud of the final results.

So here is my selfish request. If you are big fan of this style of music, visit the website I have created for promoting the CD at and listen to the clips. I think you will be surprised at how professional the recordings sound. The musicians I hired are among the best in the business (with a lot of record, movie, and television credits) and their performances are stellar. As the singer, I think I hold my own, but you will have to judge that for yourself.

If you like what you hear, then by all means, buy the CD. The price is only $9.97 plus whatever shipping CD Baby charges you. You will thoroughly enjoy the CD and you will be helping me continue my efforts at as well as my musical efforts.

Here’s what the CD cover looks like (it was created by a professional I hired who used to design CD covers for Universal Music):

■ II




t mia iiifu m Eeccmet


By the way, “Harrison Marshall” is my stage name.

Thanks for indulging me the opportunity to tell you about my CD. It may seem a bit out of place in this book; however, as I indicated, I used Power Affirmations in order to make this CD a reality. I think it’s useful for you to see a specific example of what can be created when you use Power Affirmations to stay focused on your goals. At least I didn’t say anything about it until after providing you with a lot of value in my free e-book about Power Affirmations.

Let’s Work Together to Change the World

In the classic book “The Richest Man in Babylon,” George Clason makes the observation: “Our prosperity as a nation depends upon the personal financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.”

What a powerful observation. In other words, it is to our benefit for everyone to be successful and wealthy. We don’t have to compete against each other for scarce resources.

I would also like to add this observation:

The quality of our world depends upon the quality our thoughts as individuals. If the majority of individuals are positive and successful, then society itself will naturally be positive, successful, and prosperous. If the majority of people are negative, hateful, and unsuccessful, then people will live in unhappy, unsuccessful, perhaps even dire circumstances. “As a ‘Society’ Thinketh…” It is simple cause and effect.

When you look at it this way, it is as if we each have an individual responsibility to be positive and to help others be positive.

If you will take it upon yourself to condition your mind be positive, to help other people, to be successful, to fill your life with happiness, then I have accomplished one of my primary objectives. If you unselfishly share this book with others, with no thought of personal gain for yourself, and it helps them, then my purpose is fulfilled. For you see, if you help two people, and they help two people…through the miraculous power of compound growth, we can create massive social improvement for us all that will spread throughout the world.

According to my calculations starting with just 2 people, at just a 3.75% daily compound growth rate, we can easily reach 1 million people in a year. How would our world improve if millions of people around the world adopted this philosophy?

If you doubt that we can help millions, here’s the formula for compound

growth: FV=PV(1+r)n

FV=Future Value

PV=Present Value (in this case 2)

r=Compound Growth Rate (in this case 3.75%

n=Number of Compounding Periods (in this case 365 days)

If we solve the equation,

FV=2(1+.0375)365 FV=2 (1.0375)365

FV=2 (684,949)

FV= 1,369,898 people reached in one year.

Perhaps this is “utopian.” Perhaps this is “unrealistic.” But how will we know unless we try? If we all do a little, then together we can accomplish a lot. We live in the world of the internet where accomplishments such as this are not nearly as difficult as they used to be. According to my latest web statistics, I have already reached over 75,000 people in at least 18 different countries—all from the comfort of my living room. Isn’t this goal worth just a little bit of extra effort?

Just to be clear, this is not about me and my website, book, or recordings. This is about all of us working together in harmony to Power Affirmations: Power Conditioning for Your Subconscious Mind

improve our lives and our world. Together we can make the world a more positive place, one person at a time.




Here is what you can do to spread the word about Power Affirmations:____________________________________________

1. Email this file to a friend (you should ask them first!).

2. Send them a link to where they can download their own free copy.

3. Print out as many copies as you like.

4. Make your own recordings or buy the MP3’s I’ve made at Using recordings of some sort is the most powerful way to use Power Affirmations.

5. What positive topic can you write about and create a website and e-book? Your only limit is your own imagination!

Together we can fill the world with positive thought.


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