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Chapter 17 Free Audio Version of this E-book

As you can tell from my website and this e-book, audio self-help material has improved my life immensely. I truly believe that with our schedules being so jam packed, listening to audio recordings gives you a huge, almost unfair advantage, over others on the road to success. Not only do I get more out of books that I listen to, I get through them much faster than if I were limited to reading them. For really outstanding books, I usually listen to them multiple times consecutively which really helps improve my understanding and practical application of what the authors have to offer.

So it is only natural for me to offer a recording of this e-book as an M4b file (see the chapter on the iPod) to you so that you can really listen to, study, and apply this material to your life.

As with the James Allen book, this recording is made using my synthetic text-to-speech program. It may sound strange in a few parts, but after a few minutes, you get used to it and it actually sounds quite pleasant. I have been using this software now for weeks and I have been able to create all kinds of new audio material for myself that would not have been available otherwise.

The recording is almost two hours long and about 35 megabytes in size. You can download this audio book right now at

So there you are folks. Real bonuses that are really free. And 6 great products for a reasonable fee. No sales games here. Just a sincere effort to do everything I can to add massive value to your life and the lives of others.


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