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I HAVE shown how Personal Magnetism is largely a matter of health, and the correct storage and increase of the magnetism or electricity contain in our bodies, and the atmosphere upon which we draw to a certain extent for magnetic supplies, although it must be understood we already posses the force in ourselves.

So far the use of animal magnetism for personal advancement has been the object of the lessons given, but there is another side to the questions, and animal magnetism for healing purposes occupies, in my opinion, a much more important position.

Magnetic healing forms a wonderful means of alleviating pain, and the cures affected by a skillful healer are too numerous to mention.

All nervous diseases, and a good many others, will yield to the treatment, which, needless to say, can only be given by one in perfect health, with a prefect flow of magnetism, and the knowledge of how to treat different diseases.

This requires a certain amount of study on the part of the student, who should have a working knowledge of anatomy, and a good handbook (Furneaux’s is splendid) of physiology is very necessary.

Some people say, I know, that I am something of a crank on scientific matters, but I know that until science is liked with metaphysics, the more traditional teachings of New Thought will be neglected by the masses.

I advise you to thoroughly study the nervous and muscular system, to gain a good working acquaintance with the various organs of the body and their functions, and a knowledge of the symptoms of some of the diseases the flesh of man is heir to.

In previous lessons you have mastered the art of generating magnetism in the body, and if you have followed the teachings and exercises I have given, you will have a store of magnetism to “give off’ for the benefit of others.

If you want to include a flow of magnetism for healing purposes, place your hands together in a cone shape and breathe gently into them until they are moist, then rub them briskly together. Repeat this three times then you will have sufficient “flow” for healing purposes.

Begin with the treatment of simple ailments, such a neuralgia, toothache, headache, and so forth and it is for these I will first give you instruction as to treatment.

Always talk to your patient brightly, and try to instill confidence in his mind with regard to your methods.

Stand behind him, and having first generated a flow of magnetism as directed, place your right hand at the base of his stomach and the left at the back of the head, and will hard that magnetism shall flow thorough the body.

Then lift your hands above his head, and without touching him, make sweeping passes in a downward direction, from head to foot, shaking the hands to “throw off” as you finish each pass.

Open your hands so that the fingers are slightly apart and curved inwards when making the passes.

Then let the patient sit in an easy chair, the head must not rest against the back, or you can’t reach him, stand behind him, and treat him with what we call “contact” passes.

The whole time you are manipulating the patient you must steadily WILL that the flow of magnetism from your fingers shall carry away the pain, and leave him free.

First remember that your two hands are, for the time being, converted into delicate instruments, that in fact you carry an electro-magnetic battery in your fingers.

Of this battery you must make your right hand the positive pole, the left hand the negative pole. Do not forget this in your treatments, for it is most important.

Now, first place your right hand to the patient’s forehead (taking care to press the center of your palm between the eyes) and the left hand at the back of the head; now will earnestly that the magnetic current shall pass through his entire body. You will force this current through the brain from your positive hand, which generates the magnetism, to your negative hand, which, being placed at the base of the brain, carries the current right down the spinal column and through the medium of the cerebro-spinal nerves to all the principal organs of the body.

Having done this you now place your hands firmly on the forehead, and stroke from between the eyes, back over the ears to the back of the neck, when the hands are removed and smartly shaken each time as if something sticky was adhering to the fingers.

This is called the “throw off,” and carries away the magnetism charged with the pain, thus guarding against the danger of forcing the pain from one part of the body to another.

Continue the treatment until the magnetism is gone, willing steadily the whole time that the pain shall vanish. Remember that the animal magnetism is a FORCE; it is not an effort of the imagination of a few occult cranks. It is a force acknowledged by scientists – French, German, American, and English – men whose names stand high in the world of science and of learning.

Moreover, it is not a mere theory on their part, for the flow of magnetism form the human body has been successfully photographed, the camera revealing that which the eye of man could not see.

Experiment has shown that this force can cure disease, which will not yield to rugs or even ordinary mental treatment.

I have given simple instructions of using the magnetic emanations proceeding from the body for the cure of headache, and now I will show how to cure other diseases of the nervous system.

Let it be understood clearly, however, that magnetic healing will not “set” broken bones any more that Mental or Christian Science will do so; if the Christian and Mental Scientists would take a more rational standpoint and admit certain limitations, they would, at any rate in England, make greater headway. A man who is suffering from a compound fracture of thigh, for instance, won’t fid it mended by the simple assertion that it isn’t broken. So with magnetic healing; but, mark you, once it has been set by the surgeon, magnetic treatment will cause it to heal up twice as quickly, for flow of newly vitalized blood to the injured part; and those of my readers who desire to take up this business as a means of livelihood should remember this, and recognize the value of the medical man as well as the mistakes he makes.

The solar plexus is the nervous center of the body, which has the most direct connection with the emotions. Plexus means a network of nerves and blood vessels, and the solar plexus is situated in the abdomen just behind the stomach (not the intestines, be it understood), and is sometimes called the abdominal brain. The magnetic healer must not fail to recognize the value of this group of nerves, for a steady magnetic flow induced for ten minutes or so at this part of the body will do much to correct the trouble, no matte what it may be, from which the patient is suffering. Placing the right hand over the stomach in front, and the left hand at the corresponding spot behind, and send a steady flow of magnetism right thought from one to the other.

It is as well to remember; too, that water or milk can be magnetized, and when given the patient to drink, or to bathe the affected part with, great relief, or even cue, can be brought about.

I cured a bad case of erysipelas by sending the patient magnetized milk, which she both drank and used to bathe the face.

To do this, pour the milk or water into a scrupulously clean vessel, induce the magnetic flow as already directed, and make passes with both hands over the vessel. Then place the right hand over the mouth of the cup or jug, stiffen the arm, and make the hand vibrate the muscles of the upper arm (this needs practice), sending a steady flow of magnetism into the liquid.

You can always set into better “touch” with your patient by making him drink some magnetized liquid before treating him. In certain diseases the water may be hot.

When treating for troubles, which arise directly from the nerves, place your hands on the seat of the pain and make the currents, pass right through form one side to the other. For such things as neuralgia, toothache, earache, etc., make the hands as hot as possible first.

It is usual to give the patient a general treatment first of all before attempting to treat locally, and to do this you must proceed as follow: Prepare the magnetic flow, and then, having your patient simply garbed in his birthday suit, or a light, loose wrapper, place your right hand at the base of the brain, and pass the left slowly down the spine touching it very gently with the fingers, but sending all your magnetism into the spinal column and directing all your will power to this end.

The patient should take long, deep breaths during the process, breathing from the abdomen.

Now remove your hands and make passes from head to foot – these need not be “contact” passes (that is to say, you do not touch the patient); then treat the solar plexus as already described, and also the chest and lungs in the same manner.

Next, to secure free action of the bowels, place your left hand over the solar plexus in front, and your right at the base of the brain; send strong currents through the body, and will that the bowels shall act freely.

Follow this up by a treatment of from five to ten minutes of the liver, place the right hand over this organ, and then vibrate as I have told you for the magnetized water. Only practice can help you with this; you must go on trying until you can do it properly; but it is the most powerful movement you can use.

This profession of Magnetic Healer is one in which money can be made by those who seek a means of livelihood, and can also be used as a means of alleviating much pain and suffering which drugs cannot move.

I agree with the necessity for surgeons, but the physician would make more cures if he went in for rational health treatments instead of drugging his patients

Those of my readers who seek the professional side of magnetism as a healing agent must practice continually, and ‘treat” everybody they can get hold of.


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