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Lesson Seven God Has Provided Prosperity For Every Home

1. Of what great spiritual power is the home the symbol?

2. What has the "atmosphere" of a home to do with its prosperity? How may an atmosphere of worry and fear be changed?

3. Explain the importance of speaking true words in the home.

4. Aside from the feeling of religious duty, why should we be thankful for what we have and express our thanks often?

5. Is it good policy to condemn the furnishings in the home or to be apologetic about them?

6. Should our homes be ostentatious and rich looking to attract prosperity?

7. Why should we be individual in furnishing the home rather than following the "accepted" or "in-the-mode" style only?

8. How will a deep and sincere love for God attract prosperity?

9. Why must there be love and understanding between members of the family to insure a prosperous home?

10. Explain the law of "Love thy neighbor" as applied to home prosperity.

11. What is God's will for the home, and how does the home express it?

12. Explain how trying to live and do as others live and do may hold back our prosperity demonstration.

13. How can we use our will to help the demonstration of home prosperity?

14. Why should the individual express his own ideas in order to demonstrate?

15. Where and how is the prosperity demonstration started?

16. Do we have any personal claim on God's substance?

17. How do we "pour" substance into the "empty" places of the home?

18. Why is it necessary to have determination in order to demonstrate?

19. Does the possession of material things give satisfaction?


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