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Clint Baxley - Founder 18mind


The MIND SYNTROPY PROGRAM is a ten week seminar series that we guarantee will greatly exceed all of your expectations. It is a training method and program that is scientifically designed to cause profound shifts and breakthroughs in the areas of success and finance, goal achieving, inner peace, insight and wisdom, strategic thinking, physical health & well-being and overall Self-actualization. This course incorporates and integrates a wide variety of philosophical, psychological, and scientific teachings into easy and practical methods that will forever change the way you see yourself and the world.

Millions have seen the hit movie The Secret. But, why are so few actually benefiting from this information? As unpopular as it may be to say this, old habits die hard. Sure we are totally inspired by watching a movie like The Secret, but this is only the first step in a thousand mile journey. One of the main teachings of The Secret is that our world is actually a mirror of what we hold in our mind, primarily in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious programming is what generates the voice that we hear in our consciousness. In turn, it is by listening to and acting on this voice that we come to understand and experience the world and everything in it, including ourselves. You might say that our identity is wholly dependent on who this inner voice says that we are, what we are capable of doing, and how the world actually works. The problem is that for the vast majority of us our inner voice is set to the "fear channel" or the "survival channel" and these broadcasting networks dominate our thinking and our emotions.

Depression, anger, anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness are emotions that plague all of humanity. Strangely enough, we all try to cover up our insecurities and emotional scars and pretend like everything is ok - or "just fine" - when the truth is that, on some levels, we are all dying inside and we don't want to admit it to each other or to ourselves. So it doesn't matter whether we learn what the "secret" is or not, if we do not have a way to effectively overcome our own negative conditioning then we will forever be like slaves dreaming of freedom, asleep in our chains.

So what is the MIND SYNTROPY PROGRAM? It is a method of examining your preconditioned biases and testing their usefulness by how they make you feel. Each thought carries an emotional charge that is immediately felt within the body. Mind Syntropy is a simple, consistent and repeatable method that allows you to recognize that all thoughts follow a binary pattern of either producing feelings of happiness or suffering in the first instant that they are held in the mind.

In just four easy steps you will be able to locate and neutralize any inharmonious thought, along with the accompanying emotional charge. What follows is a permanent shift in your consciousness that releases you from the burden of having to carry thoughts that produce negative emotions. These negative emotions have been cutting you off from reality and your full potential! The results will astonish you because the method is designed to bring your awareness to the subconscious root of the thought and thereby expose and eradicate the detrimental effects it has on your overall quality of life. Once there is a clearing in consciousness your ability to interact with your environment increases dramatically causing desirable changes for the rest of your life.

Bottom line is, that you are no longer the victim of your emotions. We will not only show you how to weed out your mind-garden, but also fill it with only the choicest of seed taken from the greatest teachers. Mind Syntropy is a powerful technology. It is the distillation of years of study and exhaustive analysis of the human mind. You will be amazed with sheer delight at its simplicity and in the results that are immediately made available to you, no matter what your level of development.


Please Call: (561) 746-0194 and get your one on one "mind blowing" Mind Syntropy session as a free gift for reading this book.

Still going.....

Here we are at the beginning of March of 2009 and my stress and is still under control. And as far as Fear goes....I have none!  I Thank God for the day 18mind and I crossed paths.

Can this really be true?

A program “that we guarantee will greatly exceed all of your expectations”. I had serious doubts about that. But, I was willing to contact 18mind. My coach seemed to be a very intelligent, caring person. AND he was VERY easy to talk to. Would listen to what I had to say and then calmly tell me...”this will work, just try it”. I still had my doubts! So, I spent the next day or two reading stories 18mind had posted, thinking maybe that would help. They are great stories, don’t get me wrong. But once the story ended, I stepped back into my Life. My life that was filled with stress and fear. My fear: “How have I gotten myself into this situation? Why can I no longer make decisions for myself? How do I deal with all the stress in my life?”  So, I took the plunge. Signed up for their Mind Syntropy Program. Now ask me if it has exceeded my expectations....absolutely! It changed my mind (my life). I am no longer a victim of my emotions. My life is now under the control of just one person....ME!  And I say that as I sit here with a huge smile on my face. Thank You 18mind!


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