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Chapter 16 A billion dollars by idealizing the movement of things

Everyone wants abundance -abundance of all things! And, specifically, everyone wants money and all things that take the place of money. Can you turn a desire for money directly into money? No, certainly not! Money is the result of abundance, not abundance itself. Let us agree upon the meaning of the term. When one friend is thinking of a Persian cat and another is thinking of an ordinary house cat, both will disagree with what I am saying about a cat if I am thinking and talking of a wild cat. Therefore qualify at once the word abundance. One meaning of the word is sufficiency -enough to meet all our true needs, present and future.

Idealizing the Process to Secure Abundance should not be limited to securing money directly. Other factors are more important. They are an abundance of ideas, recognition of the abundant opportunities that surround you, and being abundantly prepared to make use of them. Lack of material abundance is not a lack of ideas; but money-lack always indicates a poverty of ideals regarding the right processes of getting money.

Once all hairpins were made of straight wire and were always moving -always slipping out of the lady's hair. Millions of women were disturbed about it for scores of years and many people -millions of them -had ideas about it. Hundreds of thousands consciously desired and wished for something better and thought about it. Nothing, however, resulted from the ideas and thoughts of these hundreds of thousands. Not a one of them ever made a cent out of his or her ideas or thoughts. There was no abundance in them. But, there was abundance in the ideal of a hairpin which of itself prevented itself from moving easily. The man who idealized and produced the crinkly wire hairpin is now a multi-millionaire.

Abundance always resides in an ideal, -whether of property or management or manufacturing or position or what not; it resides in idealizing even the detailed parts of things and the movement of so common a substance as oil. The steps in the Idealizing Process which brought success to Mr. Rockefeller were: First, he idealized oil in detail. The other oilmen -then wealthier than Mr. Rockefeller -thought of oil only as oil; as costing so much per barrel, as selling for so much, and as bringing so much profit.

Mr. Rockefeller thought of these things, but in addition he idealized oil in all its details. Mentally he visioned other substances in it - not at all like oil. Moreover, he idealized the processes of separating these from the oil, and out of these came the by-products. Today, it is said, the Standard Oil Company could give away all its oil and yet pay good dividends out of the profits of its by-products. Let us be just: this wealth from the byproducts was due to the fact that Mr. Rockefeller was less realistic than others; he idealized the oil that to others was just oil and nothing more.

Second, Mr. Rockefeller idealized the movement of oil. Other oilmen thought of transporting oil just as barrels of flour and barrels of sugar are transported. But Mr. Rockefeller idealized it in motion; he saw it flowing and idealized it flowing in pipes. Hence the pipeline system, the second great source of Standard Oil profits and supremacy. Again let us be just -God and His laws rule: Mr. Rockefeller won phenomenal financial success because he idealized, more than did his competitors, the detailed parts of the thing and its movement.

On the other hand, Mr. Rockefeller did not idealize his relation to the rest of society. He thought of himself as a man standing alone. For forty years he was silent, -unwilling that anyone within his companies should give any statement regarding their policies or methods to the public. He failed to idealize the truth that men are bound together in a social structure and consequently, separating himself from others, he failed to win the trust and good will of mankind.

Ideas, thoughts composed of ideas, and plans made up of such thoughts seldom become realities. But once the smallest or the largest thing is idealized, the soul, which conceives the ideal, cannot rest until the ideal has become an actuality. If you would have your desires for abundance fulfilled, idealize them and the process of obtaining them, and abundance cannot be kept from you.


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