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"As We Thinketh" - ARE WE OUR THOUGHTS??

From "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen1. Thought and CharacterThe aphorism, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” not only embraces the whole of a man’s being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life. A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts. It is a common idea that we are our thoughts.  That is, what we do, how we behave, & what is produced in our world, is what we think about.  This is the major premise behind the 'Law of Attraction,' and the recent movie-book, "The Secret."  However, this idea can be traced to the Bible, and even to ancient times!But, is this accurate? Are we what we think about?  If so, where do the thoughts come from? Can our brains think for themselves?  Or do thoughts arise from an ephemeral, invisible source, that is frequently called "inspiration"- Spirit - Soul - Consciousness - God?Or are we not our thoughts?  Given that we can point to, and describe our thoughts, doesn't that suggest that we are not just our thoughts?  We must be more than our thoughts if we can recognize them, point them out, discuss them with ourselves and others!  If so, what is the entity that can identify our thoughts, as well as be our thoughts?That must be us!  But who are we? What are we? AND, WHO WANTS TO KNOW????"I" think if we find out who wants to know, we will find out who we are!What do "you" think? Leave a comment! 

That which allows you to be aware of your own existence is.....

 "Radical Subjectivity, then, is the very essence of experiencing the Presence of God as that which says I.  That which allows you to be aware of your own existence is at all times present, never absent.  It's the first thing you become aware of when you wake up in the morning.  The first thing that happens before thinkingness even starts, is the awareness of existence.  There is an awareness as you wake up that one exists.  You don't even have a name yet.  If I catch you the very first instance you open your eyes I say, what's your name, you say gimme a second while I wake up, give me a second, are you a man or woman, go ahead, give me a second, while I wake up, are you American or European, what are you?  Give me a second to wake up.  So, Consciousness if there before even content. Consciousness awakens, then, with the awareness of existence.  That which allows you to say I is presumed as you wake up to be the personal I, because reality seems to have to do with form, and facts, and, physicality.  One presumes that knowing that I am, that I exist, being aware, the sense of I is coming from a personal I, and that's the only illusion we have to jump.  The sense of I is not coming from a personal I at all, it is coming from an impersonal I.  Consciousness is an impersonal quality.  That Consciousness which arises as you awaken is not personal at all, you have it focused on the personal, but it's essence is not personal.  It is because of the Infinite I, that which is not different than Divinity, Reality, Truth, all the things its been called throughout the ages.  It illuminates the awareness that shines forth as the awareness of your own existence, but its source is the Infinite I.  Is that clear?  (Doc laughs).  That which knows that you're here this second is not the personal I, because, if we oblate the personal I, you will still be aware that, (pause), ones quality is that of existence." -- David Hawkins, M.D. PhD 

My Thought

I believe that what we do comes from what we think.  And in order to change our behavior, we must change (or listen more to) what is in our mind. It is confusing to me sometimes. BUT, I don't feel I have to know WHO I AM  because I am who I choose to be. Or shall I say, I believe God allows us to make choices for ourselves because...eventually....he knows most of us will come back to him. He knows who I am and he know who you are and we are all as one unto him.


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