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Principle of "TRUST"

Principle of "TRUST"

to rely on, have faith in, believe is true


* they will fail me
* I will be hurt
* I will fail them
* they want something in return
* I am vulnerable

What does it look like when I am not doing it (costs):

* I think I am in control
* I think no one can hurt me
* paranoid
* alone/lonely
* isolated
* self centered

What does it look like when I am doing it (rewards):

* accepting my vulnerabilities
* better tolerance of others
* more benevolence

What are the benefits:

* less afraid
* serenity
* security
* faithful

What is the truth:

* we can be trusted, and trust God

What is the illusion:

* none one is trustworthy,
* I must do it all


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