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Relationship Between Mental & Physical Health &

Multiple Mentalism

Let me make this clear as promptly and emphatically as possible: Multiple Mentalism is not in any way, shape or form -- directly or indirectly -- a system of mental healing! At least, no more than fishing or tennis constitute business training.

However, there is a definite relationship and interdependence between bodily health and mental health. If you are weak, run-down and physically ill, your mind cannot attain its fullest efficiency until you have built up your body. The converse is equally true -- if your mind is worried, stressful and in ill health, your physical organs or their functions also suffer and you cannot achieve perfect bodily condition until your mental “set” is right.

Sounds like vicious circle, doesn’t it? But in reality it is not. The human body is the one thing we know of that literally can “lift itself by its own bootstraps.” If your physical health is below par and your mental health is suffering accordingly, you can make your first steps toward recovery either through the mental or the physical. If you choose the latter, proper exercise, diet and living habits will not only start you along the road to physical health but, also, will in marked measure alleviate your mental symptoms. Having got so far -- with the physical condition somewhat better, proportionately, than the mental -- you should turn your attention to bettering your state of mind. Mental exercise, straighter thinking and better mental discipline can then put your mind in better health, relatively, than your body -- which can again overtake and surpass your physical condition. In other words, you advance the health, first of one and then of the other, physical and mental, just as you place first one foot and then the other forward until you reach your objective.

And that explains why Multiple Mentalism -- without actually being a “mind cure” or “faith cure” in any sense of the words -- really has helped many to better health. This system of mind training gives your brain exercise, diversion and discipline -- puts it far ahead of your body in strength and energy, because there are limits to what the body can do but no limits to the capability of the human mind! There is nothing surprising in the fact that Multiple Mentalism, by stimulating, energizing and strengthening their minds, quickly uprooted the physical symptoms.

Just as Multiple Mentalism facilitates your building up of your body, a thoroughly sound body will enable you to reap even more benefit from my training -- will make it possible for your brain capacity to grow just that much more. And so I urge you again to devote at least one hour every day to the Exercises. Practice them at every opportunity. Transpose the letters and words you see on billboards, and jumble the type in your daily paper -- seize every opportunity to make your mind more proficient.

Moreover, you will find within the next thirty days that you are so much more efficient at your work -- because of these drills I am giving you -- that you will be able to spare more time from the office for physical exercise and play. You are on your way to full enjoyment of abundant health such as you never before aspired to! No wonder that you should do full justice to each lesson I give you, taking plenty of time to it and mastering it fully before taking another step forward and upward!

Exercise IV:

This is your first complex exercise. It utilizes all the training you have given your mind through Exercises I, II and III. It consists of putting words together, exactly as you must put ideas together in life in order to obtain the fullest measure of business or professional success. Probably it will take you several days to become proficient in the mental gymnastics I now introduce -- but they will give you a very definite mental ability that you do not have at present.

Take 24 of the three-letter words you memorized in Exercise II, or any 24 other three-letter words that come to mind. Write them a few times so that you are thoroughly familiar with them. Then pair any two of the 24 that first occur to you, and intermingle their letters in sequence. Here is what I mean:


and, likewise:


Pair up the 24 words into any 12 pairs, writing their letters, as above, in 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 order. Then start all over with the same or different letters. Mix the words in any pairs that occur to you. Intermingle their letters in the order given. Do this 20 MINUTES every day.

In the second 20-minute period of your hour’s exercise, pair a three-letter word with a four-letter word and intermingle their letters:


and, similarly:


Do this FOR 20 MINUTES EVERY DAY, using a different pair every time you do it, until you can take any three-letter word and intermingle its letters with those of any four-letter word as rapidly as you could spell each word correctly by itself. This drill should immediately follow your 20-minute practice in intermingling three-letter words.

Now, for the last 20-minute period of your daily drill, do the same exercises as the two preceding, EXCEPT: pair and intermingle four-letter words, one with another, instead of using three-letter and four-letter words, thus:


and also:


You may realize how essential I consider it when I repeat a bit of advice given you in every exercise so far: NEVER “COPY” THE DRILL. Do it from memory! FROM MEMORY ALONE. Use your “mind’s eye”, not your physical eye. In doing this, you acquire that same miraculous ability with which the blind amaze the world --the power to recreate, in your own mind, everything about you at the moment and anything you have seen in the past. Your mind OPENS -- it embraces THE WORLD IN ITS ENTIRETY. It is ILLUMINATED -- dark, obscure corners become LIGHT. Your mind is awake -- it LIVES. The whole earth is WITHIN YOUR MENTAL VISION -- and you are master of it! That is the power possessed by the blind, in some measure -- and which you can not only acquire, too, but to which you can ADD the inestimable value of sight. Truly, I exaggerate but little when I tell you that practicing these exercises until you reach perfection in them will make you nothing less than a Super-man -- a being apart from those around you!

So, make your mind WORK. Don’t “coddle” it by copying -- nor “baby” it by taking less than an hour’s drill every day. Take MORE, if you need it. The BIG thing is: to master -- master thoroughly -- each and every lesson as you go along. Perfect yourself in it before proceeding to the one following. In this way, and in this way ONLY, you will get full value from Multiple Mentalism, the SOLE course of its kind in the world.

Multiple Mentalism Brain Stimulator: Numerical-Word Drill

Drill A

Recite aloud the numerals from 1 to 100. At the same time write as many FOUR LETTER words correctly as you can. Continue practicing this drill until you can keep an even pace, counting and writing..

After a few attempts you should be able to write 15 or more 4-letter words without stopping your counting, although you may have to pause occasionally to think of words.

Drill B

Recite numerals from 3 to 99, while writing 4-letter words, spelled backwards.

EXAMPLE: BOAT -- as you count aloud “by threes”.


A friendly bit of advice to you: The more difficult you find these exercises, is the sign that you need them, so MASTER them by all means.


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