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IN the previous lessons I have show you how to develop your lungs and muscles, and so store health and magnetism, and in this lesson we must also consider how to gain complete control over the nerves, both of the body and those connected with sight. The magnetic, or would-be magnetic man or woman who cannot look another full in the face without blinking lacks the most convincing proof of their power.

From the eye proceeds a constant flow of magnetism; it is with the eye “Lion Tamers” hold their captives in thrall; it is through the eye we influence people we come in contact with.

A man instinctively trusts another who can meet his eye with ease, yet many people cannot do this from SHEER NERVOUSNESS.

But before the student can claim a perfect control of all nervous or spasmodic action, he must be able to reserve his power of thus controlling muscular and nervous action under trying circumstances. Among friends, alone, or at one’s ease, nerve control is easy enough.

Stand before the looking glass and practice gazing into your own eyes until you can do so steadily without flinching for any length of time.

Imagine to yourself a constant stream of magnetism flowing from the eyes.

Practice this upon other people; also force yourself to meet their gaze steadily, and never forget that you are the powerful factor, that you are the powerful factor, that you are the one to INFLUENCE, not be influenced.

I could give you several exercises for strengthening the eyesight, but for the magnetic gaze I think you will find the above quite sufficient.

It is not necessary really to go in for more than a few of these exercises.

The basis of all this power is THOUGHT and WILL, and it is not necessary to waste hours in exercises when half an hour twice a day is ample.

Learn to overcome all spasmodic nervous action and trifling habits. Be master of every part of your organization, through your will power. All the foregoing exercises tend to store up magnetism by giving complete control, so that not only the muscles of the body, but the MIND, the Central Telegraph Office of the body, holds every nerve in perfect subjection. Always ready for any emergency, perfect master of yourself and your circumstances, nothing can stand in your path but what your steady flow of magnetism will remove it – provided your object is a land able one.

But one more rule. In the hand of every person there is one spot which is the magnetic center of the entire being, the little god of flesh, or mount, below the third or “ring finger,” called by palmists the Mount of the Sun, or Apollo.

This finger has the most direct nerve connection with the heart, and forms, as I say, a direct magnetic center, the pad of flesh at the base forming the magnetic pole of same.

So that when people shake hands with magnetic centers in close contact a strong magnetic current is established between them.

This effect may be intensified if the mounts at the bases of the other fingers are also brought into as close contact with each other as possible, in this way bringing the minor magnetic poles also together.

A handshake can be made to carry out the magnetic influence of eyes and person, by inducing polarization of the magnetic atoms by contact, which is exactly the course also followed by magnetic healers.

A weak will does not signify a bad man, any more than a strong will signify a good man.

But a weak willed man is essentially negative, and being so, is more likely to be infirm of purpose in questions of mortality.

You have to long been brought up in the belief that you must be the slave of Fate and environment, that the tendencies at birth shape your character, and could not be eradicated.

But the new thought comes to show you that you can both BE and do what you will. Age and sex do not count. The past is over – done with. But the present and the future are your own.

Be positive; send the old negative beliefs flying.

“Let your ‘I will have,’ wait upon your ‘I want.’”

“I will have what I want” will thus carry you through life to a successful goal – to the realization of all your ambitions.

It has been proved that the particles of an ordinary magnet possess the power of selection, that is to say they can attract to themselves anything within their own limited sphere of action. The magnet man, or, the contrary, has unlimited powers of attraction. Once he knows how to send out his demands, the supply will always be equal to the demand, when the demand is made boldly without any shadow of doubt or fear.

Man too often limits himself unnecessarily – he does not demand enough. Big thoughts carried into action end in big results. Let your sphere of action be as side as possible and do not go round by the style to escape leaping the big, double blackthorn hedge.

Another great fault is that people are too chary of giving; they argue that they have enough for themselves, but not enough to give away. Yet they are drawing upon an unlimited supply, the wealth of which is far in advance of the demand – they cannot ask too much, and they cannot give too much.

The most fatal thoughts to success are those of economy, they freeze everything. Nature is lavish to the point of extravagance; it is man only who pinches and saves, and fears there will not be enough to go around, and so becomes his own utter damnation.

If you want to know more of this law of supply and demand, Read Helen Wilman’s works on mental science.


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