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Chapter 1

How to Use Power Affirmations to Attract More Money, Create Unstoppable Self-Confidence and
Power ...and Anything Else You Want in Life

What do you desire most in life?

• To condition your mind to attract more money?

• More self-confidence, power and certainty?

• To create and maintain a peak state that will help you be more effective in everything you do? Hint: A peak state is different and much more powerful than just a positive attitude.

• Reduced debt?

• Weight loss?

• More friends?

• Peace of mind?

• More time with your family and friends (both quantity and quality)?

• Increased sales?

• A new home?

What do you want specifically? Whatever it is, you already have within you the power to achieve these goals faster than you may currently believe is possible. All you need to do is learn to unleash the massive power that lies within your own mind and focus it relentlessly on the results you want. Focus your mind and the results will follow: cause and effect. Sounds soooo simple, doesn't it? The answer is to put yourself into your personal peak state and condition yourself to stay there consistently.

Well, this is where most people run into challenges. Many never learn how to put themselves into a peak state on purpose in the first place. It may happen once in a while, and they feel great when it does, but then they don't learn how to get back into this state.

The other challenge is that they allow themselves to get knocked out of state. Or get discouraged. Or get stopped by fear. Their personal power disappears before they build enough momentum to make solid progress towards their desired goals. They let their minds wander aimlessly from thought to thought overly influenced by their environment.

The Difference that Makes The Difference

What is the difference that makes the difference? Why do some people succeed where others fail? Why are there times when we feel unstoppable--in our power? And why are there times when we fail miserably? Well, there are many explanations, but the one factor that seems to be consistent is that when we succeed, we enter our peak state. This is a mental state of mind where anything that is possible becomes possible for us. All our resources become immediately available. People are attracted to us automatically. Where we are better than our best. Where we are in the zone. If you have been in this state even once in your life, you know what I'm talking about.

What You Will Learn In This e-Book

• What Power Affirmations are

Why Power Affirmations are different from affirmations you will find elsewhere

• Why Power Affirmations work

• Over 200 Power Affirmations in 6 general categories including conditioning yourself to enter and stay in your peak state, building confidence, achieving goals, creating wealth...and more. You can print out these affirmations and begin using them


• How to use Power Affirmations to accomplish your goals

• A formula you can use to create your own Power Affirmations

How to use your own daily planner to create daily Results-focused Action Plans to automatically lead you to the attainment of your goals

How to accelerate your progress with Power Affirmations recordings on CDs or MP3s. If you have a computer with a read/write CD drive, you can easily create your own. Or you can take advantage of my studio recordings with over 200 Power Affirmations--about 3 hours of recorded content, each in it's own file for easy repeating for power conditioning.

These recordings are now available as MP3 files for downloading. Just visit to find out how you can download these files. Depending on your internet connection, you could be listening to the recordings within minutes.

If you have a CD read/write drive, you can use a program such as iTunes to burn these MP3 files to CDs that will play on almost any CD player. Even better, you can download the files to a portable MP3 player and take them with you wherever you go. My personal preference is the Apple iPod. I explain how I use mine later in this book. I strongly suggest that you do this so that you can listen to them in locations away from your computer (such as your car).

I felt I would be doing people a disservice if I only posted the information on affirmations and didn't make such a powerful tool as these recordings easily available. I have analyzed my personal situation thousands of times and concluded that my lack of success was almost entirely due to a lack of mental discipline and conditioning--not lack of knowledge. I needed the audio recordings as a crutch. These recordings made the deciding difference for me time and again.

If you have a stronger will and more mental discipline than I do, you may not need the recordings. Or you may decide to create your own. But if you find yourself frequently frustrated, and suffer from periods of self doubt and lack of confidence and feel like you are always struggling to get ahead, these recordings may prove as beneficial to you as they have to myself and many others. They may give you the breakthrough you need to finally begin achieving your goals.

Are you ready? Let's march...

The Battle For Your Mind

How do advertisers influence us to spend billions of dollars on the products they sell? The answer is contained in the question itself: advertisers advertise. Repeatedly. Relentlessly. Through TV and radio commercials, magazine ads, billboards, etc. And they do it more by influencing your emotional states than by logical arguments. A major company with a multimillion dollar advertising budget will use all these means to fight for a permanent piece of your brain. We have become so conditioned to the media blitz around us that we hardly pay attention anymore. It just feels natural.

And then there are demands for our attention by other people. Well meaning family members and friends. Our employers. Civic groups. Politicians. The news. When you think about it, there's so much noise in most of our environments (including non-verbal "noise") it's no wonder that we find it difficult to stay focused on our own goals. To find our own voices. Add to this the normal disempowering beliefs that many of us have picked up over the course of our lives, and we have a real challenge on our hands.

How Do We Take Back Control?

Well, one method that I have tried is reading and/or listening to self-help materials. Over the years, such materials have helped myself and millions of others transform our lives. The world owes a huge debt to the authors and publishers of these materials.

But they have also proven a challenge. Who has time to read or listen to all of it? And even when I have time to read or listen, who the heck can remember all the critical points? To maximize my time, I do most of my listening in my car, but this means that taking notes is almost impossible.

Here's a simple test for you. Think back to a book or audio program that has had a profound, positive influence on your life. Now take out a piece of paper and make a list of the 10 most important points from the material from memory. If you can't remember 10, can you remember 5? Now how well can you really explain these points?

Here's the BIG question: how often do you APPLY these ideas in your every day life? Unless you are an exceptional person--or unless you have really studied the material through repeated readings/listenings (and took notes) my guess is that you didn't remember a lot of specifics. It's more of just a "feeling" about the book. Or maybe a single powerful idea that changed the entire course of your thinking (usually by putting you into a temporary peak state).

Who Has Really Been in Control?

Now if I say to you "Have it Your Way" or "You Deserve a Break Today", or "I’m Lovin’ It" or "The Pause that Refreshes" or "Like a Rock." I'll bet most of you can name the company or products that I'm referring to. Why? Because advertisers have used print, radio, and television advertisements to present these slogans to us over and over and over again. And they mix their appeals with the emotions of sex, beauty, power, prestige, laughter--or they make us feel fear by not using their product. And they send the same messages through different media enhanced by music and pictures. For some "unknown" reason, we end up spending billions of dollars for their products. Logic smells, emotion sells.

"Advertise" to Your Own Mind

Get the idea? If you want to have control of your own mind, you are going to have to fight for it. As I said earlier, I have found other self-help programs to be extremely useful...but I also found they were not strong enough for me. I needed to find a way to install these principles and beliefs the same way advertisers conditioned me to buy their products. I tried self-hypnosis and subliminal programs. Maybe others have found them effective, but they did little for me.

So I turned to affirmations. Unfortunately, I found most affirmations programs to be weak and lacking in insight and power. There was very little about really entering a peak state. I wanted the same level of content quality that I received from the self-improvement classics I studied, but presented in such a way that I could really impress the key beliefs and principles on my mind so that they would automatically guide my actions.

When All Else Fails, Do it Yourself

I finally got fed up with the lack of results that I was getting from all the materials I studied. I never thought that the problem was with the materials, but rather with me. I'm just so thickheaded that I had to find a way to pound the ideas into my brain. I decided to take matters into my own hands and write my own affirmations. Affirmations that were grounded in the truths that I had learned from others. Affirmations that were simple, direct, and practical. Affirmations that were concentrated power. Affirmations that would put me into my own peak state and condition my mind until it was an automatic habit. When I was done, I decided to call them Power AffirmationsTM in order to remind myself to feel power, confidence, and certainty whenever I used them.

What Are Power AffirmationsTM?

Power AffirmationsTM are statements of faith and belief which you repeat to yourself with emotional intensity for the purpose of putting your mind into a peak state--a state of absolute confidence and certainty-- in order to create specific realities in your life. Power AffirmationsTM are tools that can be used to transform the intangible impulse of thought into tangible reality. The affirmations in this web site came out of asking the questions "What is the state of mind that I have to be in consistently in order to achieve amazing success?" and "What are the thoughts and beliefs that I need to have in order to consistently achieve outstanding results in my life?"

As I have already mentioned, over the years I have read many, many books on goal setting and positive thinking. And most of them have been extremely helpful. What I was unable to find was a large variety of affirmations that I could use to install all the conditioned beliefs I needed to create the results I wanted in my life. To quickly train my subconscious mind so that I automatically put myself into a peak state--and stay there. A state where I automatically take the actions that produce the results I want without having to struggle and think about it.

I'm not a professional writer, speaker, psychologist, coach or personal consultant. I'm a common businessman who has worked exceptionally hard. As an accountant. As sales support. As a sales person. As a marketer. As a middle manager. As a Chief Operating Officer. As a Business Consultant. As a singer. Many is the evening that I have worked all night to meet an important deadline. I know what it's like to work for a large conglomerate. I know what it's like to work for a small company struggling to increase sales. I know the frustration of failure and the joy of achievement. I continue to live my life in the trenches. This information does not come from an "ivory tower" but from the "school of hard knocks."

As a result of my experiences, these affirmations are very direct and above all else, practical. They have been tempered in the fires of real life business experience. If you want "easy-listening" affirmations with soft relaxing music, you'll have to look elsewhere. Many of those programs are excellent, but they just don't fit my style. And they didn't work for me. Maybe they will work for you--I can't say. But these are industrial strength affirmations--direct, sometimes hard-hitting, and above all practical. And within the statements you will find timeless success principles that will become an every moment part of your thought habits--


Well, this is enough information for this chapter, but there's a lot more information inside this book and at my website. You will want to read and study it all. Use these Power Affirmations consistently during the next 30 days and you will condition your mind to enter and stay in your own peak state. And out of your peak state, things that seem magical will automatically start happening in your life. You will begin to build massive momentum that will help you reach your goals faster and with less of a struggle than you ever thought possible. Best of all, you will consistently feel incredible and will become an even better person than you are today.

Read. Enjoy. Listen. Act. Step into your power...right now. If you have any comments or questions, just shoot me an email to


Here is what you can do to spread the word about Power Affirmations:____________________________________________

1. Email this file to a friend (you should ask them first!).

2. Send them a link to where they can download their own free copy.

3. Print out as many copies as you like.

4. Make your own recordings or buy the MP3’s I’ve made at Using recordings of some sort is the most powerful way to use Power Affirmations.

5. What positive topic can you write about and create a website and e-book? Your only limit is your own imagination!

Together we can fill the world with positive thought.


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