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Magnetic Currents

The magnetic energy of the person, formed by a combination of his physical and mental force, like all other forms of magnetic or electric force, tends to run in currents, and to be transmitted in waves. The personal atmosphere of the person is, in fact, composed of many waves of magnetic energy, circling around the confines of his aura, a constant wave-like motion being maintained, and a rapid rate of vibration always being manifested.

It is these waves of magnetic energy which, when coming in contact with the mind of other persons, set up a corresponding rate of vibration there, and thus produce a mental state in them corresponding to that of the person sending forth the magnetism. As I have already stated several times, the physical magnetism gives the “body” and energizing quality to this personal magnetism, while the mental magnetism supplies the quality of color or character to it.

At this point I wish to digress for a few moments in order to make clear to your mind the important fact that in charging the mental atmosphere with the combined mental and physical magnetism, it is not necessary to make two distinct and separated efforts of the will. In describing and explaining to you the process of sending for the currents of physical magnetism, and mental magnetism, respectively, I have been compelled to take up each phase separately, and describe the action of the will in the process of projecting each of these phases of personal magnetism. And, if I were to say no more on this point, the student might be left with the impression that in order to fully charge his personal atmosphere with the combined waves of physical and mental magnetism, he would have to first charge it with one kind of magnetism, and then with the other. This is not correct, for a combined effort of the will is all that is required, as you shall now see.

It is possible to combine the mental picture of the two forms of personal magnetism, the physical and the mental, into one image or idea in the mind. It is also possible to combine the two into the desire or inclination to project the energy. And, it is equally possible to combine the projection of the two into one effort of the will. It is a simple thing – as simple as that of twisting two silk threads; threading them into the eye of a coarse needle; and then taking stitches with the needle. Think of the physical and mental magnetism as two twisted threads inserted into the eye of your needle of will, and then think of your passing these threads together into the fabric, by simply pushing the needle through. This illustration will enable you to form a clearer mental picture of the process.

You will find that after a little practice you will instinctively combine the two threads in the eye of the needle of your will. At first you may find it easier to first think of the physical magnetism, and then of the mental – so to speak, threading first the one thread and then the other. But after very little practice you will find it easier to take up the two threads at once, giving them a little twist together, and then passing both of them through the eye of the will-needle at the same time. Remember, then, learn to “twist together” the threads of the two kinds of magnetism, so that the will may push them both through at the same time.

You should keep the personal atmosphere well charged at all times, by projecting magnetism into it several times a day. No special times or number of times is absolutely necessary – you must use your own judgment and feeling in this matter. You will soon learn to feel when your magnetic aura is weak, and when it is strong. These things come to one by practice and actual experience, and cannot very well be taught except through actual experience. You will soon learn what it is to “feel” the condition of your magnetism, just as you now feel heat or humidity, or the reverse thereof.

If you are about to come into contact with others whom you wish to influence; or, on the other hand, if you are about to come in contact with others who may want to influence you; you should charge yourself well with magnetism – that is to say, you should generate and project into your personal atmosphere a large amount of magnetism, which will thus render your aura strong and positive, instead of weak and negative. The principal thing in battle is to be fully prepared for any emergency, and this rule is applicable to the case of the uses of personal magnetism in your dealing with other persons.

Remember, then, to combine the idea and image of the combined magnetism when projecting or charging with personal magnetism – the two twisted threads in the needle, remember.

Now, to return to the subject of magnetic currents:

The currents of magnetism not only constantly flow around within the limits of the aura, but also often push forward toward other persons who attract the attention of the person. In such cases, the aura seems to stretch out toward the other persons, and even to envelop them in its folds. Remember, I am now speaking of the involuntary action of the aura or magnetic currents, not of the conscious and deliberate projection of the currents from the mind to the other mind. There is an almost automatic action of the aura or magnetic currents in the way just stated, when another person arouses the interest or attention of the person.

Of course, if you insist upon the strictest scientific interpretation of this apparently automatic movement of the currents, I must admit that even in such cases the will of the person is the direct cause of the projection. For, it must be remembered, that in the mental acts of interest and attention there is a non-deliberate action of the will – an automatic action, so to speak. The will is called into operation the moment the attention is attracted – in fact; the attention is a positive act of the will. And, consequently, the will sets into motion the magnetic currents in the direction of the object of attention.

So, you will see, when you are conversing with another person, or addressing a number of persons, you are really sending in their direction a series of currents of personal magnetism, the vibrations of which must affect them unless their own vibrations are of a more positive nature. In fact, very many men of the greatest personal force, whose personal magnetism may actually be felt, employ the force in this manner, and make but little use of the “direct flash” methods of immediate concentrated magnetic force, which you will be asked to consider in the succeeding chapters. Their general store of personal magnetism is so great – their personal atmosphere so charged – that mere contact with it produces the result.

But while the above general method of magnetic influence is very effective, provided the individual has learned to sufficiently charge himself, it still remains that the method is that of the shotgun, as compared to that of the rifle, and uses up much power while a smaller amount would suffice. Everything points to the value of a concentrated force, rather than that of the scattered energy. At the last, however, the best method is that which employees both the shotgun and rifle methods – the rifle bullet going right to the mark, surrounded by a cloud of flying shots which completes the work, and renders success certain. So, therefore, when you become interested in the “direct flash” methods in the succeeding chapters, do not lose sight of the important part in personal influence played by the general effect of the magnetism of the aura.

Before I leave this subject, I wish to explain a certain bit of phenomena, which has puzzled many students of personal magnetism. I allude to the apparently unconscious use of magnetic power, which we so often witness. For instance, you may be thinking intently of some other person, without any conscious intention of influencing them in any manner, and yet, when you meet the person afterward, or hear from him, you will find that your magnetic currents have influenced him, often very markedly so. This is puzzling, when you remember that you made no effort to influence the person by the “direct flash” method, and when you remember that the person was far removed from your personal atmosphere or aura. What is the answer you ask?

The explanation is this: By your concentrated attention and interest, you have actively (though unconsciously set the will into motion, and the result is that there has been projected toward the other person a current of your magnetism - a great stretching out of your personal atmosphere in his direction – and he has been affected by it just as if he had been in your presence. Of course, the other person will not be greatly affected by your currents, unless these happen to be charged with great physical magnetism, and strongly colored by your mental status. But, nevertheless, there will always be some influence exerted, unless, indeed, the other person is more positive, magnetically, that are you, in which case he will not be affected in the least.

So you see, we not only are constantly surrounded by an aura or atmosphere of our magnetic currents, but are also more or less unconsciously sending forth currents of our magnetism into the aura of others, which exert more or less influence upon them. In the same way, the currents of others are constantly reaching our aura, and exerting more or less influence upon us, unless we happen to be more positive than they, in the matter of our vibrations – or (note this), unless we deliberately use an effort of the will in the direction “shutting the door” on these outside vibrations.


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