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Lesson Four Man, The Inlet And Outlet Of Divine Mind

1. What is meant by Principle as applied to prosperity?

2. How do we establish a consciousness of Principle as related to us?

3. How can the study of Truth make one happier, healthier, more beautiful, more prosperous?

4. What is a miracle? Is prosperity miraculous?

5. How are the keepers of divine law rewarded, and its breakers punished?

6. What are the legislative, judicial, and executive phases of the divine law?

7. What is the first rule of the divine law?

8. What is the effect of thinking and speaking of everything as good?

9. Is there any virtue in poverty?

10. What is meant by the "far country," and what is the homeland of the prodigal son?

11. What is the psychological and spiritual effect of old clothes?

12. What is symbolized by the putting on of new shoes.

13. How is true substance wasted, and what is the connection between waste and want?

14. What is our best insurance of financial security?

15. How does the law "Seek and ye shall find" apply to prosperity?

16. Should one who works harder or has more ability receive a greater reward than another?

17. What power has love in helping one to demonstrate prosperity?

18. How does the subconscious mind help or hinder in demonstration?

19. What form does God's answer to prayer take? How do we know when a prayer is answered?

20. Must one be morally worthy to become prosperous?


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