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So far we have been concerned with a meditation period and a relaxing program. The resentment therapy is to be done at your own convenience,--the sooner, the better. The first two steps constitute a time investment of twenty minutes a day. The next and final step is the outgrowth of the first two. Learn to think properly. Learn to think positively. Realize that your thought is your magic wand, for it is just that. This ether, in which we live and move and have our being is a plastic substance by which you can carve out your life properly by using your thought properly. Get rid of negative thoughts. Do not voice them, mentally or vocally. You know when you are thinking positively, and you know when you are thinking negatively. Live up to the highest you know. God never asks more than that of anyone. But start it,--stick to it, and you will find that you have begun to re-create your life. This is a pattern for living,--a design for living, if you will follow it.

Most people think these ideas are new, radical. Many were astonished to find that a new field in medicine,Psycho-somatics,--states that most illness arises from the subconscious mind. They treat not only the body, but the mind. They have just taken a page from metaphysics. Both Psychology and Psychiatry are other pages from metaphysics. Their terminology is different, but they all work in the same area, the subconscious mind. Their work is limited because they confine it to the subconscious and conscious thought, while we deal with whole man, his spirit, his soul and his body.

These ideas are part of what is called the Eternal Verities. They have always been true. They are true now, and they always will be true. Nothing in the universe can ever change them. The only change we can ever make is in ourselves, when we consciously choose to use and appropriate them. It is up to us. We have free will, and no one can or will make you do anything about it. You must do it for and with yourself.

Always remember one thing. You need no intermediary between you and your God. Your God knows you, but you have not as yet known your God. Go find Him, and you will then discover that you really are “a special enterprise on the part of God.”


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