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This book is written in response to a long-standing feeling I've always had that something was inherently wrong with society. I always knew that somehow I was being programmed. It seemed to me that everything everybody was telling me just somehow didn't make sense. It didn't seem to have any logic to it. "Because I said so" was never a good answer for me.

I've always been the one who tore apart everything to find out how it worked. When I was a kid I would take apart my bicycle and put back together again. This didn't work very well at first but eventually I got the hang of how to put it back together. There was something different about me. I just "knew" how to do it. No one ever really taught me. It was just something that I was born with.

This "gift" made it easy to get along with "things" and made it very hard to get along with people. People didn't make sense. They just weren't put together right. The pieces didn't fit together, they never did anything predictable. What was wrong with people? What was wrong with me? Why did things always have to be so logical for me and never made any logical sense in regard to them? There were constantly making things that were important, not important and making things that were not important, important. Needless to say this was very, very confusing for a young boy to understand.

I had some coping mechanisms. Once I had realized they were insane, I just did what made sense to me. This had others being completely perturbed around me, so I stayed away from them as much as possible. Next, sense "things" were so predictable I just spent a lot of time with "things". Books were things and authors had to make sense or they wouldn't get published. I was grounded a lot, from doing whatever I wanted, so I spent tons of time reading and playing with "things". I was also subjected to my fair share of "counseling". Eventually, though I had to try to fit into this society so I could live and have companionship. I did not do a very good job. So, I used drugs and alcohol to numb my angst. This didn't work. It just made it worse.

I was introduced to positive thinking when I was about 15 and I was sick. There was a book in my room and I couldn't get out of bed. The book was Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking. This was the first thing that I read that ever really made any sense (besides repair manuals). It explained to me a new way of viewing the world that just might make it so I could live in the world. I didn't get the point at all. I thought it was all about how if you believed you could mow everybody over you could get what you wanted. Eventually this didn't work, because it required way too much effort to mow everybody over. They did not like it very much either.

I spent about the next 20 or 25 years reading every psychology book or self-help book that I could get my hands on. I had them everywhere in my house. Day and night I read. I would go to the library and take 15 books home. I poured through them, science experiment after science experiment and statistic after statistic. None of it jived. None of it was predictable. Basically it was a big proof about how nobody knew anything. The more I studied it the more confused I became. It was completely subjective, and totally an opinion about what the test results meant. There were also no real useable solutions. All of the "solutions" were so subjective and rested so much upon the therapist's opinion that they were of little or no value to anyone. Unless you had a doctor's degree and wanted to collect money by keeping people confused for years. That actually is not a bad racket for making money, but it didn't do what I wanted. I wanted to genuinely understand people and help them out of their pain. It seemed to me if they knew so

much they could make it easy. E=mc2 is an example of making it easy. 24 volumes on subjective minutiae does not seem like making it easy and accessible to me.

This book is meant to give you a practical, powerful, easy, and repeatable solution to the most common problems that people deal with. Once you have learned it you can do it to yourself and teach others how to do it. Once you have two or more people who can do it, you can then reinforce it in each other. Believe me, I've been practicing variations of it for years on myself and others and I still forget sometimes. But I forget less, and the need to practice it becomes less and less. My mental talk is now on a mission to prove this to me (why it feels the need to prove it to me I will never understand) therefore I now have a persistent reminder of these principals running all of the time.

I have recovered from what is normally termed "chronic" depression. Not only was I susceptible to it, but I also took a drug called interferon that exacerbated the situation. Additionally, I suffered from chronic back and neck pain for twenty years, it was so bad that I would frequently wish myself dead rather than endure the pain for one more second. Twenty years. Today, I have periods of overwhelming joy that last for hours, for no reason. My back pain is so minimal I would consider it just normal "aches and pains".

If you've read this far you are more than intelligent enough to handle this program, if you want to. That's a big if. I will show this method to people who are desperately seeking a solution and they will be instantly better on the one topic. But that's it. They'll never do any more about it, no more practicing. Just go right back to doing what they were doing. I'll see them and they'll tell me what a great guy I am, but they're just as depressed and confused as they were before. Some people, though, catch the significance of what I am going to show you. Those people heal themselves physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually and every other possible way. Please practice this until you're one of them and your life is beyond your wildest dreams. From that place you will be in a position to help everyone you know. Grace and joy will be so much a part of your life no matter what your situation. You will wonder what makes you so special to have all of this joy. If you don't believe me, practice the steps contained in this book a minimum of three times a day for one year and you will be one of the Four Steps’ greatest supporters. You will receive immediate payoffs making it easier to practice it forever; it will just become a natural part of your thinking.


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