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FAITH By Katherine Quinn

I sent Desire across the sea.

(‘Twas years and years ago)

I gave the lad what gold I had,

And vowed through weal or woe

That I’d be true unto my love

Until his journey’s end,

And that each day he was away

A message I would send.

My friends all smiled to see my faith,

Then sighed, “Alack, alack,

Your only gains will be your pains,

For he will ne’er come back.”

I paid no heed unto their words,

But worked on steadfastly;

When worst I fared, most loud declared

That I had ships at sea. Last night my vessel touched on shore;

And Peace sat in her bow.

And Joy was there, and Love most fair,

And Plenty strode her prow. Desire had brought them all to me

Across the briny foam.

“Ah, well-a-day,” my friends now say,

“Who’d think that he’d come home?”


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