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Chapter 13 The act of making the reality yours


This last activity -the act of making the reality yours -comprises three steps:

Idealizing your attitude; unifying the substance of the ideal WITH the substance of the real; and making the actual thing a part of your possessions or placing yourself in the actual conditions that you have idealized and desired.

Your attitude relates to yourself, to others, to conditions, and to the world in general. Begin with yourself. Consciously or not, you do take some kind of an attitude toward yourself. You may think yourself a worm or a god. You are free to take any attitude toward yourself you desire to take; but there is only one attitude that leads to success and it is the idealized attitude! Incomplete thinking in “ideas” makes you see yourself as a child of sin, suffering, sorrow, weakness, mistake and failure. Think of yourself as you are: a son of God -idealizing the end you desire, the process by which you attain, and the attitude you hold toward yourself, others, conditions, and the universe itself.

Then, idealize your attitude toward others, "That which ye seek ye shall find." If you think that all men are trying to crush you, you will be crushed; first, because your attitude closes your eyes to the opportunities offered you; and second, because such an attitude discovers and draws to you those who do not help you. If you idealize others as willing to help you, you draw to you men and women who will do the square thing by you and help you, -in them you will find help and a just reward. This idealized attitude does not make you a trusting simpleton, for the idealized attitude also idealizes wisdom in knowing others.

The idealized attitude changes all the conditions of life. In business, it leads us to expect good results, and, expecting good results, we plan better. When we plan better, -that is, in, a more idealized way -we get better results. Idealize the world in general. The universe must be good. If it were not good it would go to pieces over night, -for evil disrupts and destroys. Good attracts and unites and holds together.

You cannot idealize your business, your profession and your work without conducting the whole affair as an idealized service that inevitably will force your ideals to come true! You may idealize the Thing Desired, idealize the Process of Attaining It and Carry Out the Process in Action, -and, yet, by your attitude keep the reality from becoming yours. With a group of congenial friends, you can desire and idealize an evening's pleasure for yourself and the girl you love, you may call for her and go to the gathering together, -and yet your attitude, if disagreeable, can keep the pleasure of the evening from becoming yours.

First, then, give attention to your attitude! Second, unify the substance of your ideal with the substance of the thing or condition desired. The substance of your ideal is yours! It is of your mind. The substance of the reality may not yet be yours. To make it yours, you must make the body of your ideal coincide with the body or actuality of that which you desire.

Re-read the chapters on How to Form an Ideal that Will Come True, Firing the Heart Desire of Your Ideal, Giving a Body of Etheric Substance to Your Ideal, and Giving Your Ideal the Impulse of Action to Make It Real. Then, re-image your ideal in accord with those four qualities -its form, its desire, its substance, its impulse to action.

Next, re-read the three chapters of The Spirit of Matter: Your Ideals and What Compactness of Matter Gives to Them, Your Desires and What Attractive Energy Gives to Them, What Movement in Matter Gives to the Body of Your Desire. Do not neglect to re-read these. You remember much, but not all the things. Re-read them, recognizing: that the material density, of the thing you desire is an etheric substance coinciding in nature with the substance of your ideal; that the material solidity of the thing you desire is infinite attractive energy which coincides in nature with the holding-together energy of your ideal; and that the energy of the material thing desired is etheric force -exactly the same force as exists in your ideal.

Now, image each detail of your ideal, project it out of your mind to the place of the actuality, and unite it with the same detail of the material actuality you desire to be yours. Do not miss a single detail; make the projected ideal coincide with the actual thing in every feature -form, substance, energy and place. To miss no factor, unify step by step, -as to color, sound, taste, smell, balance, heat, movement, direction of movement, form, size, fineness or roughness, hardness or softness, cold, weight, use, pleasures from use, et cetera. Miss none of these!

Then, third, take possession of the thing or walk into the condition desired. Idealize yourself in action: (1) the condition of yourself when in action; and (2) your use of the means to be used in performing your action.

If this afternoon you are to go to one man or a group of men to discuss or do something which it is necessary for you to present or do in order to make your ideal come true, image yourself with the man or with the men, image yourself at perfect ease, image your confidence in yourself, image your self-control when talking to them, when contradicted by them, even when ridiculed by one or more of them. Image these conditions in your mind before you go. It builds in brain a path that makes the doing of the thing but a mere repetition of a thing already done.

I say image these things, -not merely imagine them; merely thinking about them will not bring results. Image also the impressions you see yourself giving to others: Are you appearing as sincere as you are sincere! Are you appearing as reliable as you are reliable? Are you appearing active and energetic and sane and safe? Remember, it is not only what you are, but what you communicate to others which determines results in dealing with others.

Idealizing the action builds in brain paths. Then, when you come to the actual doing, you have already established a habit of doing it successfully. The more times you idealize the doing, the stronger and more permanent these brain paths become. Hence, when you go into action, you are merely repeating what you have already done and what you have already succeeded in doing. Consequently there is no hesitancy, no doubt, no lack of confidence, no lack of ease, and no mistakes in your action. And -because you center your effort rightly -the thing or condition is a reality and belongs to you! Where to center your effort now follows.


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