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Chapter 10 Giving a body of etheric substance to your ideal


The next step is to create a body for your ideal -a body of real etheric substance. Image the ideal of the thing you want. Does the thing itself seem so compact and dense that you cannot re-form and re-create it to accord with your ideal? Its form can be changed, but only if you give a body to your ideal.

First, give form to the substance of the ideal. Turn back and read again my third chapter. Then, re-idealize your image of the thing desired as made of infinite energy-space. By doing this you actually group the spiritual substance into form. This is a first step in creating the body of your ideal.

Second, give the body attractive power. Read again the fourth chapter of this book. Then, re-image your ideal of the thing you want. Realize, that whatever the substance of the thing desired, that which makes its actuality possible is infinite attractive energy; that it is this same energy that holds all the particles of your ideal together and draws to it all the factors necessary for manifestation. By thus imaging your ideal you give it solidity. The particles of this spiritual substance becomes fixed so that the ideal will persist; so that it will not change, as an idea changes, or evaporate in vain imaging’s. By this process you also give it power to attract and draw to it all those conditions, qualities, thoughts, feelings and attitudes necessary to make it real, -necessary to make its actuality possible.

Third, create the body of self-active substance. Turn back and read the fifth chapter. Realize that everything you wish to change is in infinite motion, thrilling with life; that even the piece of copper wire that leads to your electric light is composed of whirling centers of space, infinitely small, capable of moving 660,000,000 miles an hour and able to change their positions 40,000,000 times a second, By this process you rid your soul of any idea that any so-called material thing can oppose -the manifestation of your ideal. And you give to the ideal -to its body substance -the same quality of infinite, infinitely rapid power of movement, power of action, power to make itself come true.

Image the body of your ideal composed of spirit substance, vibrating at this tremendous rate, exerting enormous power, and you give it additional power to make itself into an actuality. To this point in the process, what is your ideal?

First, a perfect image -including only those elements it should possess and none that it should not possess.

Second, an ideal with a heart of desire, fired to action by all your feelings and soul desires: (1) increased by imaging the beauty and utility of the ideal and the pleasures it will give you and (2) augmented by every conceivable element of desire you can awaken by imaging everything composing its image -color, sound, et cetera.

Third, an ideal body -formed of the infinite spirit substance, energy-ether; a body of the same material as the essence of matter which makes it easy for the ideal to manifest as an actuality; a body held together and made permanent by infinite attractive energy; a body composed of etheric substance whose particles vibrate at a rate so rapid that imagination cannot conceive it; a body composed of etheric substance an ounce of which has gigantic power, sufficient -if freed at one time -to toss the Alps into the Atlantic Ocean.

Now give the ideal the soul impulse to act, and you cannot prevent its coming true.


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