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The Age of Miracles Still Here

PROFOUND LAWS are to be found in the realm of spiritual prosperity, and when the operation of these laws is not viewed with superstition or as miraculous in

the sense of doing violence to natural law, it will be more frequently recognized.

Moses received these laws both from his Egyptian tutors and from his spiritual

instructor, great Jehovah, and he understood them.

It is for us to prove that our supply is not fixed by “the rule of three” but that

there is a living principle back of our silver and our gold that is one with God, and

that to touch principle is to open a way by which our material supply will

increase, like seeds that sprout if the right conditions are present.

The law that brings increase can be known with the same exactness with which

we understand the laws of the telephone; and scientific men are preparing to

study these laws with the same zeal and profound passion with which devoted

astronomers have sought out and found the laws of the planets.


In this and each of the following lessons, we are first to consider the right attitude to take in our home where our life is separated from business and we are

not put to the test of strenuous affairs—so that the Truth may work in our secret

thoughts and feelings.

In the second place we are to read a meditation, letting the ideas sink into the heart to bring forth original observations, of which we should make written


Third comes the treatment, which the student is to read for himself as though the inner voice were uttering the words and his spiritual reason were confirming


Not only read them for yourself but silently read them to others who are feeling

stresses in their circumstances. Be orderly in this, and write down the names of

those whom you are treating, and the times of treatment, and seek to realize

what you are saying to them.

In giving these treatments to yourself or to others, pause with impressive realization at the end of each line. As the word does its work, there will come a definite feeling of power and satisfaction both to the healer and the one being


Even though this feeling do not come at first, the Truth in the words will do the work, often to the surprise of the young student whose faith is weak or


Remember the virtue there is in repetition. Just as one progresses more rapidly in learning a language or acquiring an art by having frequent lessons and

practicing constantly, so repetition speeds the spiritual acquisition of the

prospering power. Foreign missionaries give the first two years of their

novitiate —almost all the waking hours of each day—to learning the language of

those whom they have come to save. The human mind seems slow. Let us

possess ourselves in patience and in due time we shall reap.



“He shall be like a tree planted by the streams of water, That bringeth forth its fruit in its season,

Whose leaf also doth not wither; And whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

Thus is the godly man described as regards his good fortune.

There are some of us who did not come into this existence “with a silver spoon

in our mouth.” It seems to us that all our goodness has been fruitless, that fate

is against us, and that there is no use trying.

If we have started this life as bankrupt men, then the more must we have resolution and determination and a courage that knows no defeat.

The law of Christ removes the past burdens and debts that may have been

loaded upon our shoulders. No matter what bad luck may seem to have been

ours from birth, this day we come under the law of our

Christ self, and believe in the God promise that our good shall take tangible form

here and now.

Exercise a patience that is one with absolute trust and never, even in the secrecy of your own chamber, acknowledge any slowness of manifestation or any failure

as real or lasting.

The treasures that you have laid up in heaven— the within—are destined to take

form as the treasures of earth. You do not need to wait for another incarnation,

but your good of today can be expressed here and now as overflowing

plenteousness of the world’s goods.


Listen to me, 0 offspring of pure goodness!

You know how to bring forth into this world all the goodness there is in you.

The Spirit instructs you in what ways to express your love. It takes universal

form, overflowing to

Your magnetic quality is irresistible. Humanity loves to bask in the sunshine of

your presence.

Your value is high. There is a market for it everywhere.

Your goodness overflows in generous service to all. Your goodness draws forth


Your talent is uncovered and appreciated in terms of financial rewards.

Your ingenuity and power of invention come to the fore. You are invaluable to


Your goodness makes others feel good. Your generosity makes others generous.

You are a seed in the soil of richness, drawing whatever prospers you to yourself.

You flourish like the lilies of the field, without fear, without anxiety or hard work.

You are a law unto yourself. You are independent of man-made laws, of personalities, of corporations, and of systems.

These serve you and bless you but cannot enslave you. You look to the One only

as the source of your prosperity.

You are not vainglorious; no mortal pride can trip you up; no mistake of the past

can keep you down.

No foolish pride can keep from you your own.

You have self-respect, not pride, and you hold your head up and keep your back

straight and your step firm.

Nothing can discourage you. The wrongdoings of others cannot make you bitter.

The success of others cannot make you envious. You radiate the goodness of


You are an ever-flowing fountain of resourcefulness. You are in connection with

the Fountainhead on high.

You are the power of God, ready to translate divine, invisible substance into

tangible, visible forms.

Your faith is unlimited because it is based on reason and knowledge.

You can do all things by the God power in you. Divine wisdom guides you; you are

kept from folly.

You do not waste yourself, your time, your substance, or your life. Good

judgment attends you ever.

Divine intelligence keeps you from foolish ways and fooiish things.

Inspiration lifts you out of all entanglements and sets your feet firm in the way of


Your gentle goodness cannot be preyed upon. You are one with the Lamb of God; no wolf of commercial greed can seize you.

The folly of others cannot deceive you. Deceitful words and deeds cannot move


You cannot be ensnared by greed or ignorance. No one’s craftiness can beguile


You are true to yourself, and your trueness defends you.

The goodness of God fills your whole life. Goodness fills and covers all that is


All that you put your hand to prospers. All that you touch turns to riches.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, and you shall

dwell in the house of the Lord forever.



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