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Appendix E - The Science of Winning Love

In Chapter 15 ("The Advancing Man") of The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles refers to "the true science of abundant life" as consisting of:

"... the science of getting rich, together with the allied sciences of being well, of being great, and of winning love..."

Wallace D. Wattles did write The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well and The Science of Being Great (sometimes referred to as the Wallace D. Wattles trilogy, the Wallace Wattles trilogy or simply, the Wattles trilogy),* but what about The Science of Winning Love?

Unfortunately for us, at least as far as we know, Wallace D. Wattles never wrote The Science of Winning Love or if he did it was never published.


He did write extensively on the science of winning love.

Wallace D. Wattles wrote a book titled Scientific Marriage and several articles on the subject including "Marital Unhappiness: A New Remedy" and "What the World Owes Us" (in which one of the subtitles is "The Science of Winning Love").**

In addition…

Wallace D. Wattles devoted an entire lesson to the subject, titled "Marital Happiness", in his correspondence course, which was published in book form a number of years after his death as The Personal Power Course.*

Although primarily directed to married couples, the scientific principles of which he writes in Scientific Marriage, "Marital Unhappiness: A New Remedy", "What the World Owes Us" and Lesson 8 of The Personal Power Course are applicable to *any* relationship, for as Wallace D. Wattles puts it - "like causes always produce like effects".


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