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Who climbs the mountain does not always climb. The winding road slants downward many a time; Yet each descent is higher than the last. Has thy path fallen? That will soon be past. Beyond the curve the way leads up and on. Think not thy goal forever lost or gone. Keep moving forward; if thine aim is right Thou canst not miss the shining mountain height. Who would attain to summits still and fair, Must nerve himself through valleys of despair.

'THERE IS NO DEATH, THERE ARE NO DEAD' (Suggested by the book of Mr. Ed. C. Randall.)

'There is no death, there are no dead.' From zone to zone, from sphere to sphere, The souls of all who pass from here

By hosts of living thoughts are led;

And dark or bright, those souls must tread The paths they fashioned year on year. For hells are built of hate or fear,

And heavens of love our lives have shed.

Across unatlassed worlds of space, And through God's mighty universe, With thoughts that bless or thoughts that curse,

Each journeys to his rightful place. Oh, greater truth no man has said, 'There is no death, there are no dead.'

It lifts the mourner from the sod,

And bids him cast away the reed

Of some uncomforting poor creed, And walk with Knowledge for a rod. It bids the doubter seek the broad

Vast fields, where living facts will feed

All those whose patience proves their need Of these immortal truths of God.

It brings before the eyes of faith

Those realms of radiance, tier on tier,

Where our beloved 'dead' appear, More beautiful because of 'death.'

It speaks to grief: 'Be comforted;

There is no death, there are no dead.'


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