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IN giving this series of lessons to the public at a nominal fee, I believe I am really doing something that will be of great benefit to all who need a helmsman to guide the rudder of the good boat “Thought” to the harbor of Success.

Thought, unorganized, is so much waste matter; Thought, ORGANIZED, is the greatest power in the world, greater even than the almighty Dollar, for it commands filthy lucre and bids grim poverty farewell – forever? It commands love, which filthy lucre can’t, and it commands all that makes life worth living.

That it is necessary to undergo special mental training to produce this state of mental organization is very apparent, and that people desire daily more light, more knowledge, and for means to overcome their state of ignorance is, as sure as “eggs are eggs,” the reason why Personal Magnetism and the consideration of the Thought Forces have become such a cult.

Personal Magnetism means health, happiness, power and success.

Those who want these things and all they stand for, follow the rules I give you in these pages; read, mark, learn and inwardly digest each lesson, and if you do not live to bless the wonderful force known as Personal or Animal Magnetism; if you do not realize within yourself a new found happiness, because you realize that you are not the weak, downtrodden creature you have so long considered yourself, but a glorified, radiant, happy being; then, I say, my name is not...

O. Hashnu Hara


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